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717comics you might have missed

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Feb 9, 2006
      I'm slowly catching up with solicitations from the Fall (September
      through February). The following are out from Marvel Comics:

      NICK FURY'S HOWLING COMANDOS Nos. 2-6+ (featuring the "evil" Merlin)

      NEW EXCALIBUR Nos. 1+ (featuring Captain Britain; nos. 4-5 with
      Lionheart, the new Captain Britain)

      THOR: BLOOD OATH Nos. 4-5 (featuring a quest for "Chulain's spear").
      [Series now available in collected edition.]

      EXCALIBUR CLASSIC VOL. 1: THE SWORD IS DRAWN (features Davis and
      Neary's EXCALIBUR poster with King Arthur)