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  • Tara ( _writing with elegance_ )
    Sep 16 6:16 AM
      Hello everyone! Thank you for accepting me into your group.

      Name (your real name please): Tara

      Academic affiliation (if any): None currently--I received a BA in
      English from McDaniel (formerly Western Maryland) College in 2003. I
      wrote and presented a 30 page thesis on the infertility of Queen
      Guinevere in The Mists of Avalon vs. Guenevere: Queen of the Summer
      Country. I am into any and all retellings of Arthurian legend.

      Primary interest in Comic Books or Popular Culture: Neil Gaiman, 1602,
      anything by Peter David, ST:TNG, LOTR

      Primary interests in the Arthurian legend: different representations
      of Guinevere and the justifications of her actions. Judgment of
      Guinevere is an interesting indicator of how various societies feel
      about women at that point in time.

      Publications about Comic Books (including web sites): I'm somewhat new
      to the comic book world.

      Publications about the Arthurian legend: My interest in this was
      stirred by reading Camelot 3000. When I found it in a comic book
      store, I couldn't believe anyone had ever written anything like it.
      Then I thought the future concept was cheesy, but I ended up really
      enjoying it. Other than that, I've read most of the traditional stuff
      and am working through the modern retellings. I'm writing my own, as

      Tara DellaFranzia
      _ writing with elegance _

      Mobile: 267.241.5822
      Email: queen.guinevere@...
      IM: KingArthursPiano (AIM)
      Professional Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/e/fps/883704/

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