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689Re: [arthurian_comixlist] Re: Dracula vs. King Arthur (and Beyond Avalon & Seven Soldiers)

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  • Alan Stewart
    Jul 10, 2005
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      --- Michael Torregrossa <mtorregrossa@...> wrote:

      > Has anyone else picked up DRACULA VS KING ARTHUR?
      > It seems to be
      > the most Arthurian of anything so far this year.

      I read the first issue this week. The "most
      Arthurian?" I guess so. Not the most interesting,
      though, IMHO. I'd rate it as not quite as bad I'd
      feared, but not as good as I'd been led to hope from
      some of the online reviews.

      > Morrison's work is
      > (as usual) odd, and the point of BEYOND AVALON seems
      > to be that
      > Arthur (who was in No. 1, along with Joseph of
      > Arimathia) has gone
      > missing.

      I'll agree with you about *Beyond Avalon* -- the first
      issue was interesting, but with the second we're
      launched into what seems to be pretty generic heroic
      fantasy -- not badly executed, but nothing special,

      As for Grant Morrision -- I suppose he's an acquired
      taste, but I acquired it a couple of decades ago and
      am willing to follow him quite a long way. You've got
      to give him points for audacity if nothing else --
      e.g., this speech from *SS: Shining Knight* #3:

      "Would you believe me if I told you this weapon was
      carved by artisans of the first Arthurian epoch,
      10,000 years ago, somewhere in the 81st century
      BC?...There were of course several Arthurs; a pagan
      gneral in Roman Britain, a medieval Christian

      What the -- ?

      But my favorite bit so far is probably the appearance
      of Gawain in issue #1, where Morrison manages to make
      reference to Gwalchmai ("Hawk of May"), the Silent
      Knight, and the latter character's connection to
      Hawkman with one elegant (if continuity-bending)


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