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562Re: [arthurian_comixlist] Continuity question: pre-Crisis Camelot

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  • Alan Stewart
    Dec 3, 2003

      I really don't recall any attempt to distinguish the
      Earth-1 and Earth-2 versions of Camelot as such. The
      Shining Knight was probably the only DC character
      whose stories would defintely have been identified as
      occurring on Earth-2 following the establishment of
      the multiple-Earths concept in the early '60's; and he
      made very few appearances in the years between his
      re-introduction in the early '70's, and the rebooting
      of the DC Universe in CRISIS.

      Of course, there are Arthurian stories in various DC
      comics of the '30's through the '50's that could be
      retroactively be assigned to Earth-2 continuity, but
      as with most early Arthurian comics stories, the
      Arthurian characters and settings are pretty much used
      as "stock" elements in these stories, without much if
      any concern about consistency from one appearance to

      As for DC's unpublished King Arthur project from the
      1970's, I've always assumed this would have been a
      stand-alone series (a la CAMELOT 3000), without
      reference to the DC Universe proper.


      --- Michael Torregrossa <mtorregrossa@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > I've recently reread CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and
      > I was wondering if any
      > one has yet looked at the differences (or
      > similarities) between the various
      > Camelots of the pre-Crisis DC Universe.
      > Specifically, if Shining Knight
      > comes from Earth 2 (Golden Age), and Etrigan from
      > Earth 1 (Silver Age), are
      > the Arthurian cast consistently represented to
      > differentiate them from their
      > counterparts on each Earth? Also, does any one know
      > which Earth the
      > unpublished King Arthur series from the 1970s would
      > have occurred on?
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Michael

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