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349New Books October

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Oct 13, 2001
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      The following book are solicited this month for a December 2000 release.  See Prieviws 11.10 for further details.  

      Once again, there's not much being offered that relates to Arthuriana:
      Marvel ComicsCaptain Britain Trade Paperback.  208 pgs.  Wr. Alan Moore.  Art. Alan Davis.  Includes an interview with Alan Moore by Joe Quesada.  $19.95. 
      I've no idea exactly what this collection reprints, but it sounds like the material last reprinted in X-men Archives Featuring Captain Britain
      ACG ComicsFire and Steel TP.  16 pp.  B&W.  $10.95.  Art by Wood, Glanzman, Aparo, Ditka and more.  
      Stories of Robin Hood, Hercules, Thane of Baggarth and others.  Anybody want to check this out for Arthur?
      EC ComicsComic Book Market Place #89.  B&W with color gallery.  $5.95.  Two covers available. 
      Special Hal Foster and Frank Cho issue.  Sounds like the Foster section is a review of Brian Kane's new biography.
      Future PublishingThe SPX Guide to Fantasy Movie Special.  $11.00
      Spotlight on Harry Potter and Fellowship of the Rings plus a run-down of the top 20 fantasy films of all time. 
      Import from the NetherlandsFoxx Tracker #1:  The Lance of Longinus by Maurice Hof.  B&W.  32 pp.  $4.99.
      "This collection of pulp-like, tongue-in-check stories is drawn in a spectacular scraperboard technique."  With English text. 

      Michael A. Torregrossa, M. A.
      34 Second Street
      Smithfield, RI 02917-3627
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      The Arthurian Comic Book Discussion List Homepage
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      Camelot 3000 and Beyond:  An Annotated Bibliography of Arthurian Comic Books Published in the United States c. 1980-1998.  Part of "The Arthuriana / Camelot Project Bibliographies."  (Revised edition now online.)
      Teaching the Legend of King Arthur in the Twenty-first Century: A Basic Reference Guide

      'Young Indiana Jones:  Travels With Father' (1996)
      Nikos Kazantzakis: "Well, your father is living in the Dark Ages!"
      Young Indy:   "Almost--My father is a medievalist."
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