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275Merlin and Lara Croft (was Re: New Comics March and April)

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  • DuggyAS@hotmail.com
    Apr 24, 2001
      --- In arthurian_comixlist@y..., "Alan Stewart" <merrygawain@y...>
      > I don't know if Top Cow claims to be building a
      > "universe" or not -- obviously, the characters share a
      > continuity when they cross over,

      Not being a reader of Top Cow I wouldn't know...

      > but Tomb Raider is a licensed property.

      Hasn't stopped companies in the past (although, you'd think that'd
      have learnt.)

      > Witchblade and The Darkness have
      > crossed over a lot with each other, but they have also
      > crossed over with Aliens and Predator -- who in turn
      > have crossed over with Batman, Superman, Tarzan,
      > etc., and I don't think that anyone would want to
      > claim that *all* of these characters share the same
      > fictional universe.

      Certainly not... the only thing I know for sure about the above is
      that Superman/Aliens actually was part of the DCUniverse. The rest I
      *assume* are set in a crossover continuity.

      > I should probably point out that the only non-
      > Arthurian Top Cow book I read regularly is
      > Rising Stars (which seems to take place in its
      > own universe), so I'm hardly an expert on the line.

      Which is a Top Cow/Joe's Comics title now...
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