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265New Comics March and April

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Apr 8, 2001
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      As promised a while back here are the details on the new books solicited last month with the details about books listed in April's Previews

      March (shipping in May)
      Image-Top Cow
      Butcher Knight No. 4 (of 4) by Charles Holland (wr), Dwayne Turner (penc. and ink), and Steve Firchow (col).  $2.95.
      Merlin-Barnabus London vs. Daria; Daria and Butcher Knight vs. Merlin.  The promo ends with the claim: "The exciting final issue of this series will reveal all including just who Luther Washington is and his connection to Butcher Knight." 
      Tomb Raider TPB Vol. II: Mystic Artifacts by Paul Jenkins (wr.), Andy Park (pen), Jonathan Sibal (ink), and Jonathan D. Smith (col.).  136 pp.  $19.95.
      Rpts Tomb Raider Nos. 5-10.  As noted on this list, Nos. 5-6 contain Lara's quest to find the Merlin Stone.  {Those who have read these issues, does the Tomb Raider Merlin resemble the one in Butcher Knight.  According to Dark Crossings, they exist in the same universe.]
      Spawn: The Dark Ages No. 27.  $2.50.
      Arthurian content unknown.  This issue does feature Cogliostro, who is somehow also Merlin (see list archives for details). 
      No Arthurian comics, but it is perhaps interesting to note that Marvel is relaunching its X-men line this month with books by top comics creators like Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly, Joe Casey/Ian Churchill, Chris Claremont/Salvador Larroca, "X"/Essad Ribic, and Peter Milligan/Mike Allred.  (If you remember from last month, J. Michael Straczynski of B5 fame started work on Amazing Spider-man.
      Scion Volume 1 TPB.  $19.95. 
      Rpts. Nos. 1-7.  The series is set on a world named Avalon, and the hero, Ethan, has brothers with names similar to Arthur and Kay. 
      Sci-Fi Volume 8 #1 (Sovereign Media).  $4.99.
      Preview of TNT's Mists of Avalon
      The Merriest Knight by Theodore Goodridge Roberts (Green Knight Publishing).  $21.95.
      Collects all of Robert's Dinadian tales including the unpublished "Quest's End." 

      April (shipping in June)
      Dark Horse Comics
      The Ring of the Nibelung: Gotterdammerung No. 1 (of 4) by P. Craig Russell.  $2.99. 
      Spawn: The Dark Ages No. 28.  $2.50.
      See No. 27 above. 
      Prince Valiant Volume 42: Arn's Trip to Thule by Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy.  Tabloid.  $16.95. 
      Rpts. strips from 1972-73. 
      Oni Press
      Oni Press Color Special 2001 by Various.  BSF.  48 pp.  $5.95.
      The detectives from Powers investigate the death of Madman.  Featuring guest appearances by numerous creator-owned characters, including Matt Wagner's Kevin Matchstick from MAGE

      1)  For those of you who have not picked up Top Cow's Dark Crossings BSF Nos. 1-2, these series features the first appearance of Luther Washington-Lancelot/Butcher Knight and perhaps brings new meaning to the term "the Black Knight."  Issue one includes a flashback to the fall of Camelot--Merlin punishes Lancelot by imprisoning him into the form of the Butcher Knight gargoyle (much like Jack Kirby's Merlin imprisoned Etrigan into the body of Jason Blood--both characters also require a "catchy" spell to effect their transformation into the superhuman alter ego).  Issue 2 includes an interview with series creators. 
      2)  The Grail makes an appearance (of sorts) in Humberto Ramos' Crimson No. 24.  In the last issue of the series, Alex Elder and Eksimus (sp.) finally defeat Lisilth (sp.).  A panel on the last few pages suggests that Alex will discover the Grail using the map branded onto the angel Zophiel's face, and by drinking from the Grail, Alex will be able to regain his humanity and return to the family he misses so much. 
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