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All Armageddons are Local!

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  • tmasthenes13
    The late venerable Boston politician, Tip O Neill, was famous for his statement: All politics is local. I would update that today to read: All Armageddons
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2008
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      The late venerable Boston politician, Tip O'Neill, was famous for his
      statement: "All politics is local."

      I would update that today to read: "All Armageddons are local."

      I muse upon this idea right now early Monday morning, because, as the
      crow flies, or rather as the smoke drifts, I am hunkered down at my
      keyboard, sitting only 8 miles downwind from the presently raging
      wildfire in the foothills of the east end of the San Fernando Valley.

      Actually, having checked outside, under the typical beautiful
      cloudless crystal clear Southern California sky, I can verify that the
      dark ominous brown-gray thunder-cloud-like formation on the horizon to
      the west (toward the ocean) is definitely the smoke from this fire to
      the Northeast blowing southwest into the ocean. Actually, where I am,
      there is not any smoke, just a faint aroma of a wood-burning barbeque.

      Of course we know it is local Armageddon because all the local TV
      stations are doing live continuous "wall-to-wall" coverage of the
      unfolding inferno.

      What's unnerving about this particular wildfire is that it is closing
      in on very densely populated and very dense housing developments. The
      last two fires, Malibu, 30 miles west, and the other one, 50 miles
      east in the San Bernadino mountains, occurred in relatively far less
      developed and inhabited areas.

      For those of you who are car mechanics, the mechanism at work is the
      Venturi effect in the carburator. where I am is just inside the
      narrowing neck of the carburator. The source of air is the high
      pressure area over Nevada. The differential is the low pressure area
      over the ocean and coast here. When the air comes over the mountains
      between us and Nevada, then we have the speedy Venturi effect called
      the "Santa Ana winds" which really kick up here in October.

      And, Joe, I must say, that this is really pluralism in action. Yes,
      indeed, even Armageddon is pluralistic for us all, so I wonder if
      anyone might report on their particular local Armageddons or at least
      the threat of same.

      Like Joe in Chicago and Bob in J'ville, Florida, you recently had
      widespread flooding. (Recall from theosophy and anthroposophy that
      Atlantis was destroyed by water, while in my neck of the woods, the
      very eastern edge of Pacific Mu, that Lemuria was destroyed by fire.)

      Now all we need is a nice big earthquake, which I'm told, according to
      George Ure, Cliff, Igor and the guys working on the web bot linguistic
      project, should occur in 2 months but off the Seattle/Vancouver coast.

      Here is actually a good overview of the web-bot folks as well as the
      specific earthquake prediction.


      The Web Bot folks foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large-scale
      earthquake around December 12, 2008.
      Many have seen signs of this coming for quite some time. This may not
      be the "Big One", but it will prove to be significant and very
      devastating to the area.

      For those who want or need a Millennium Ark, no matter what the local
      catastrophe, here is Stan Deyo's website. (I see that our fire is his
      top story link right now.)

      Damn! This Chicken Little business is way to chaotic due to the
      Information Overload of pluralism. But I guess we can start managing
      Pattern Recognition if we realize that "All Chicken Littles are
      local!" as well. (Don't worry, Joe, that doesn't necessarily make
      Chicken Little a Monist!")

      Leahy brings us TNO, the Thinking Now Occurring. Allah now brings us
      the WNO, the Willing Now Occurring, for the umpteenth? time in human

      Actually, stepping back from the fire, it looks more like DANO (Death
      to America Now Occurring)for the first time in American history, anyway.

      Allah akbar! Roz, I really feel for you. For when Sharia Law come to
      America after its death, women are going to suffer a hell of a lot
      worse than men. And it really doesn't matter who gets elected in

      Thank Allah we have GPS and Google Maps now. Why I can now point
      directly to that nice big black cube in Mecca even from my illusory
      location in LA-LA Land.

      Hmmmm! Is this how Freddie Nietzsche went bonkers in 1889 --- a full
      century before the TNO kicked in?

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