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  • Theresa Lucas
    (sorry if some of you are getting duplicate emails as Im sending this to all amc yahoo groups) Convention (in Philly, PA July 16-19th))  is only a few weeks
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2009
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      (sorry if some of you are getting duplicate emails as Im sending this to all amc yahoo groups)

      Convention (in Philly, PA July 16-19th))  is only a few weeks away and we are looking forward to having a
      fantastic time!!! If you are attending or still need to register, please
      read the following announcements
      to register go to htpp://www.amcsupport.org/pa


      When we signed our contract for this year’s convention we assumed their
      would be a large draw with Dr Hall, Luca and other medical professionals
      attending, not to mention moving to the East coast. However, the economy is
      not in our favor. We currently have 92 rooms booked and need to have at
      least 120. If you have not registered or booked your hotel rooms, please do
      so as soon as possible.

      Looking forward to a great convention! We all have worked really hard!
      MaryBeth Eberhard


      Convention t-shirts will be worn for the group photo.

      You will be able to pick up your t-shirts upon arrival at convention.

      Quantities are limited. Please order early to guarantee your desired sizes.


      Early bird special is $10. Shirts will be sold onsite during the convention
      for $12. All orders MUST be placed by July 1.

      This form is for Paypal payments only. If you don't have a Paypal account
      and don't want to use a credit card, please email pa@... with
      the subject line: T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER. Include your name, quantity and
      sizes. If you have questions regarding the t-shirts, please contact

      Sib-Shop Tie-Dye T-Shirt!
      As most of you know, we do our best to incorporate not only our AMC’ers &
      their parents, but their siblings in our annual conventions as well. Each
      year Savanna (Jenilee’s Lil’ Sis) conducts a Sib-Shop session that brings
      the siblings of AMC’ers together in a positive, fun, and ‘parent free’
      atmosphere; where they can explore what it is like to live their lives as
      the sibling to an AMC’er. This year Savanna has gone ‘hippie’ with
      incorporating ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ and the statue found in LOVE
      park, into the Sib-Shop session. She is offering ALL siblings participating
      in Sib-Shop the opportunity to take home their own personalized, Sib-Shop
      Tie-Dye T-Shirt!

      Description: Hanes heavyweight 100% cotton T-Shirts (pre-shrunk and true to
      size, therefore they should not shrink after washing).

      Front: Inside are AMCSI's logo - The Lil' clubfeet of Abby Vinson along
      with an inscription reading Philly 09' on top and http://www.amcsupport.org

      Back: Below the sibling's name will be their AMC'ers name along with
      Big/Lil Bro/Sis as per request

      'ANYONE' can order a tee with the logo on the front if wanted!!
      But only our "Siblings" will get the back personalized.

      Sizing & *Cost (per shirt): Kids: 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16 $5.95 Adults:
      S-5xl $6.95

      Payment may be made: 1.) Via our secure PayPal button on our home20page,
      WITH the added note: "For Sib-Shop Tee" or we won't know what your payment
      is for, or 2.) Via ‘snail mail’ to:
      ATT: Sib Shop
      P.O. Box 1883
      Salyersville, KY. 41465

      Exact name (as you would like it to appear on your t-shirt) & size should
      be submitted to Savanna – Sib Shop Coordinator: savanna@... NO
      LATER than Friday, June 26, 2009 as orders will placed on Wednesday, July
      1, 2009. Payment must be received prior to July 1st please. For more
      information, contact Savanna savanna@...

      *The pricing listed above will only be valid ‘IF’ we receive a minimum
      order for 24 t-shirts!!
      If the minimum order is not obtained, the pricing then becomes: Kids:
      $11.00 and Adults: $12.00
      This is not a requirement to attend the Sib-Shop Session but an added
      ‘bonus’ for those siblings who do!

      We are in need of volunteers to help us at the AMCSI store table in Philly. Times are
      8:30am-5pm Friday and Sat july 17 & 18th PLEASE post your time on here (or
      email Theresa terry2745@...) & we will try & get a schedule going. It can be an hr or 2 hr @
      a time


      As you know we take great pride in being able to offer our AMC Families
      assistance in 'any' way we possibly can. So it was pretty amazing when,
      Reenee Donohoe - 09' Convention Co-Chair, received a donation of many,
      many, wonderful products for us to offer our AMC Families20(all proceeds
      benefiting this years convention)!! What's even more amazing is that we get
      to bring these items to you with a SIGNIFICANT SLASH IN PRICING!!

      Items listed in the following order: Quantity - Description - *Suggested
      Retail Price (provided so that you may see the items actual 'worth' and is
      'not' what we are asking for them).

      2 - Special Needs Doll in Wheelchair w/glasses & custom made (by R.
      Donohoe) splints - $29.95
      5 - Bath Tub Seat w/Suction Cups - $53.50
      1 - Big Keys LX for PC - Qwerty - $105.00
      3 - P/L, Walk/Crawl, Bl/Yel - $38.95
      1 - Wrist/Thumb Spica Right Large - $14.38
      1 - Wrist/Thumb Spica Left Large - $14.38
      2 - Junior w/Hand Brake/Childs Walker - $243.80
      1 - Shape Sorter Gator - $10.98
      10 - Ergonomic RT Angle Carv Fork - $5.15
      1 - Writing w/Symbols 2000 (Win) - $119.40
      1 - Picture Communication Symbols Book - $53.40
      3 - Deluxe Soup Bowl, color: Bone - $5.98
      19 - Elastic Shoelaces, 24" White $0.84
      13 - Ped. Srhand. Plstsl Teaspoon - $3.65
      4 - Flexbl Sock/Stocking Hlpr-Rtl Pkg - $4.56
      3 - TBL Spoons (12pk) - $17.40
      11 - Deluxe Salad Plate, color: Bone - $4.99
      7 - 2" Juggle Cubes, 4pcs. - $7.00
      8 - 20" Beach Balls - $0.93
      9 - 36" Beach Balls - $3.08

      We were going to put these items on eBay, but when we do that eBay gets a
      'cut' as well as 'missionfish' so 'for now' we are posting the items we
      have and offering you the chance to purchase them directly from here!! If
      you are interested in20any of these products, email: admin@...
      for actual pricing &/or more information!! *All proceeds go to AMCSI who
      assumes no liability for the products.

      AND Don't forget to check out the beautiful Therapy Benches that were hand
      made by a team of volunteers by Jeff and Jennie Bertke!! For pricing and
      more information, please visit: visit: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=6799


      You should contact Peg--margaret.chaidez@... We have some reporters
      that MAY be interested in following first time attendees (preferably local
      to Philly area) around the convention. If you are a first time attendee or
      a Philly resident that is attending first time convention, let me know if
      you are interested being interviewed. The idea would be to follow you
      around on Friday and get your commentary on the convention.


      I am putting together a very special surprise for all us AMC mommies for
      the Philly Convention. I would like to get a picture of each AMC mommy, by
      yourself, if possible, any size picture will do, I can resize them. Please
      e-mail me the picture to dijdheckert@... and please include your
      name, your AMCer's name, and your city and state. Please also feel free to
      include your favorite mommy quote (you do not have to, if you don't want).
      I need all pictures no later than July 1, 2009 at noon. Let me know if you
      have any questions.

      Thanks, Doris (Mommy2Jackson)

      P.S. Just wanted to add, even i
      f you are not planning on attending
      convention, please send me your mommy pics, I plan to post the show to
      youtube after convention, so that all can enjoy!


      Friday night at the convention will be a dinner and talent show.
      Dance, sing, drum, tell jokes, break out your kazoo.
      The more the merrier.

      Think about what you can do to share in the fun.

      Sign ups for the talent show will be coming soon.

      Kids, we'll have opportunity for you to create a band with other kids,
      during Friday's kid programming, if you are interested.

      Reenee Donohoe

      ~Theresa Lucas

      Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc. ~ President
      Art Association of Madison County, Inc. ~ Student Exhibition Coordinator

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