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AMC Drivers

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    PLEASE help us out, this will be for the amcsupport Convention in Texas July 12-15th,2007 Feel free to add any questions/comments/suggestions that you Don t
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      PLEASE help us out, this will be for the amcsupport Convention in Texas July
      Feel free to add any questions/comments/suggestions that you Don't See
      Listed here that you would like to have more information on but PLEASE Do Not
      Answer Here, Send ALL Replies to _jenilee@..._
      (mailto:jenilee@...) Thank You!

      To Our AMC Drivers,

      I would like to put together a display on the topic of "Driving With AMC"
      covering the process of how an AMC'er can go about obtaining their drivers
      license, the process involved as well as what to look for when purchasing a
      vehicle. I would like to include the following information:

      1. What type of AMC were you diagnosed with and how does it affect your
      driving abilities?

      2. Were you required to take a special driver’s education course prior to
      getting your license?

      - If so, what kind? (i.e.did you stay at an on-site rehabilitation facility
      that offered this service such as Carl D Perkins Rehabilitation Center?
      _www.cdpcrc.ky.gov/drved.html_ (http://www.cdpcrc.ky.gov/drved.html)

      -Was this driver’s education program offered by your state’s Department of
      Vocational Rehabilitation? - If no, please specify what service/organization
      did provide this course to you.

      - How long did this process take you?

      - How did you find out about the requirements needed in order to obtain
      admittance into your driver’s education program? (i.e. was the information given
      to you by your high school guidance counselor?)

      - Or were you referred by someone else? If so who?

      3. What, if any, modifications does your vehicle have?

      -wheelchair lift/ramps

      -hand controls/pedal extensions/spinner knob/automatic ignition switch,
      lowered flooring, etc.

      -Do you use extra or larger side mirrors?

      -Do you use any type of special seating? (i.e. for those with vans, were
      your drivers seats removed so that you could drive right up to the steering
      wheel while still in your wheelchair? & If so, do you use any additional ‘
      seat-belts’ or safety locks/devices to hold your chair in place *other* than the
      locks/brakes that are built onto your wheelchair?)

      - Do you have any other seating modifications such as extra cushions for
      added height, round swivel seat disk, power seats (that are usually a standard
      feature on most cars now days). If so do you find these features to be

      4. What type of vehicle do you drive?

      -What features persuaded you in your choice? (Did it have cruise control or
      was it the console in the middle of the front seat with that secret
      compartment for holding your spare change to pay those tolls while traveling to an
      AMCSupport Convention =o)!!

      -If you do not have a vehicle with a lift/ramp when you travel with your
      manual chair, how do you load it into your vehicle?

      -Is your vehicle a 2 door/4 door? & would you suggest one over the other?

      - If there are other features not mentioned here that helps you while
      driving PLEASE LIST them!

      5. What restrictions if any do you have listed on your license?

      - for instance I am restricted to driving a car with ONLY an automatic
      transmission because:
      1. my feet won’t reach the pedals!! &
      2. Both my hands are in use at ALL times – Left for using the gas/brake and –
      Right for steering
      (*This is just to give our Future AMC Driver's an idea of what to expect.)

      6. Did you recieve any form of financial assistance in purchasing your
      adaptive equipment? Your vehicle?

      -If so please list how you became aware of this service, the process used in
      obtaing funds as well as what percentage was covered.

      Would you be willing to PLEASE take the time to photograph any/all of your
      vehicle’s modifications (no matter how big or small!) & send them to:
      _jenilee@..._ (mailto:jenilee@...) You can even demonstrate ‘
      how’ you use each modification, show what you do to give your car the gas or
      how the spinner knob works if you have hand controls.

      *Please include a brief description of what each photo is representing as
      well as how you use it. Even if you do not have adaptive equipment installed on
      your vehicle or you choose not to include photos & you are an AMC'er; we
      still Welcome your answers/stories/experiences on this topic!!

      I know this seems like a lot of information to be asking but I feel that it
      would be greatly appreciated by those AMC’ers who are preparing for this
      Major Milestone as well as their parents!!! Many of which have already ask these
      questions ;o)

      ~Theresa (http://www.hometown.aol.com/terry2745/index.html)

      Theresa's page
      _www.amcsupport.org_ (http://www.amcsupport.org)

      "Some people
      It's a pity
      They go all their lives and never know
      How to love or to let love go
      But it's alright now
      We'll make it through this somehow
      And we'll paint the perfect picture
      All the colors of this world will run together more than ever
      I can feel it
      Can you feel it

      We may never find our reason to shine
      But here and now this is our time
      And I may never find the meaning of life
      But for this moment I am fine"
      ~Rob Thomas

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