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2007 Texas AMC Convention Update

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  • Jennifer
    Greetings from amcsupport.org & the 2007 AMC Support Convention!!! Just a friendly reminder to clear your calendar s so that you can attend our 2nd Annual AMC
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2007
      Greetings from amcsupport.org & the 2007 AMC Support Convention!!!

      Just a friendly reminder to clear your calendar's so that you can
      attend our 2nd Annual AMC Convention in Arlington, Texas Thursday
      Evening July 12 through Sunday Morning July 15, 2007. Last year we
      took over Chicago. This year we are invading the Dallas/Ft. Worth
      area. With speakers that include an orthopedic doctor or two, PT/OT
      therapists, testimonials from some of our own adult AMC'ers, a
      mobility representative and much, much more. It is sure to be an
      interesting, informative, and inspirational fun filled weekend. If
      you would like to join us in July, email: texas@... with
      your completed Convention Questionnaire and request to receive
      updates as they become available & we will gladly place you on our
      Convention Mailing List!!

      With the days quickly passing we realize there are a few business
      matters that we need to bring to your attention. We wanted to make
      everyone aware that we have secured a hotel to headquarter our Texas
      AMC Convention!!!! We worked very hard in finding a hotel which fit
      all of our needs that is also VERY nice and affordable to help make
      everyone's stay in Texas a real treat!

      To protect our beautiful children, we will not give out the name of
      or any further information about the hotel at this point, nor will
      that information be posted on our website. If you are planning on
      joining us, after you have completed our Convention Questionnaire
      (which you will find at the end of this post) and emailed it to:
      texas@... you will be sent an email containing all the
      information needed to contact as well as reserve your room at the
      hotel. The hotel has allotted us a select number of rooms at a
      special - reduced group rate (excluding gratuity & tax). Handicapped
      rooms are available, however room availability IS on a first come
      first serve basis!


      OPTION 1:*
      (5 person per room maximum)

      OPTION 2:*
      (4 person per room maximum)

      *EACH ROOM INCLUDES a full size sleeper sofa, mini-refrigerator,
      iron/ironing board, wireless high speed internet, tv, CD/Clock radio

      Indoor Pool, Whirlpool, On-site Guest Self-Laundry Facilities
      (washer/dryer), Dedicated Lounge, (or 24 Hour Lounge), Iron / Ironing
      Board, Coffee Maker, Health/Fitness Center On-Site, Hairdryer, & A/C
      Public Areas.

      200 Guest Rooms, 184 Suites, 163 Non-Smoking Rooms, 57 Double-Bedded
      Rooms, 144 Single-Bedded Rooms, Complimentary Airport Shuttle to -
      Dallas/Ft Worth International (DFW), Cocktail Lounge, 1 Restaurant, &
      Rental Car Desk: Enterprise Car Rental hotline.

      A/C Public Areas, ATM/Cash Machine, Concierge Services, Dry Cleaning
      Pickup/Laundry, Florist, Ice Machine, Newsstand, On-site Guest Self-
      Laundry Facilities (washer/dryer), Porter/Bellman, Room Service, &
      Safety Deposit Box available at Front Desk

      Copying, E-mail & Internet, Facsimile, PC, Printer, Private,
      Limousine, Un-staffed Business Center, High-speed Internet, Access, &

      Parking Information
      Number of Parking Spaces: 235 (Parking at the hotel is FREE!)
      Well lit parking lot that has Security Guard on duty

      - CHECK-IN TIME: 03:00 PM
      - CHECK-OUT TIME: 12:00 PM

      If you need to modify or cancel your reservation, please do so before
      6:00 PM (local hotel time) on Thursday, 12 July, 2007 or your credit
      card will be billed for a minimum of 1 night plus tax

      As we have now found a great place to stay we need to start thinking
      of ways to seriously fund this convention. As we all know, there is
      no woman or man who can or should do this on their own. As we do not
      yet have a not for profit status, we are going to ask that each
      individual family come up with ways of their own in order to raise
      money to support this convention. We understand that for many people
      getting to Texas and paying for the hotel room alone is going to take
      a big bite out of the family budget so we will NOT be charging a fee
      to attend this conference. We are hoping that within your community
      each of you can do something to raise whatever money you can to cover
      the costs of this convention (aside from travel and hotel). If and
      when we get AMCSupport.org incorporated as a not for profit and can
      openly solicit businesses to donate to our cause & we will be able to
      put all "leftover" money into a general spot to use for research, and
      future events.

      *Some of the ways we thought each family can raise money are as

      Valerie (Val611) has set up her website for anyone who would like to
      purchase Tupperware products and 40% of her commission will go to
      AMCsupport.org for the convention in 2007.

      Here how it works...Go to http://my.tupperware.com/VALERIE28 and
      click on SHOP. This is where you will find the new catalog that has
      great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

      In order for her to keep track of AMCSupport Sales;
      Please email Valerie directly with your orders at:
      To ensure you get your `break' on shipping please DON'T place your
      order through the website.
      If you have any questions please email Valerie at: pevalerie2@...

      is offering a private fundraiser to help offset individual travel
      cost. HGP representitive, Donna, encourages everyone to participate
      in it!

      This fundraiser will offer your family, friends, church etc the
      opportunity to sale candles from a beautiful color flyer and you will
      make half of everything you sale. (Cost will be figured individually
      due to takes in your area). The money raised can be used for your
      travel expenses whether driving or flying, and hotel expenses. All
      that we ask, is that IF you make over and beyond your travel costs to
      Texas, that you donate the excess in your child's name to AMCSUPPORT.

      You can start your fundraiser any time you would like and run it 2-3
      weeks. The candles will then be shipped to you within 2-3 weeks for
      delivery. If you are anticipating a high cost and would like to do a
      candle fundraiser now and then again in May or June, that is
      acceptible as well.

      If you are interested and are a member of amcsupport.org you can PM
      Donna (HGPinTexas) or if you are not a member of AMCSupport and still
      want to participate you can email her HGPinTexas@... with your
      name, address, phone number (so she can call you about tax rate), and
      how many flyers you would like mailed to you. We would like to add
      that we will not be making any money on this fund-raiser! This is a
      private fundraiser to help those families who will be in attendence
      with travel cost.

      If you cannot attend the event and would still like to make a
      donation towards the convention - you may mail your donation to:
      H.C. 62 Box 1107
      Salyersville, Ky 41465


      by Lynn T. Staheli (Editor), Judith G. Hall (Editor), Kenneth M.
      Jaffe (Editor), Diane O. Paholke (Editor)
      If so, Please bring it to Texas with you so that we may share it with
      other families! OR If you have a copy and it is just laying around
      collecting dust and not really being used by you/your family we ask
      that you please consider donating your copy to our convention -
      please email admin@... We would greatly appreciate it!

      ***One Lucky AMC Family will recieve a very special 'surprise' here!!

      Please email texas@... with any questions. We look
      forward to seeing our AMC family in Texas and for those members who
      cannot attend you will be missed, but not forgotten and we will try
      our hardest to make sure you can be involved as well! Start saving
      those pennies as July is coming (only 5 months!!!!)
      Can't wait to see everyone! Take Care!

      Our 2006 AMC Convention was a huge success – view our pictures, read
      all about our speakers, presentations, activities, and all the
      wonderful memories created when amcsupport.org took over Chicago!

      Click on the link below.

      The 2007 AMC Convention Committee
      AMCSupport.org Connection Convention
      H.C. 62 Box 1107 Salyersville, Ky 41465

      Our preparations for 2007 AMC Convention- TEXAS are underway. Please
      fill out the following questionnaire so that we will have a better
      idea on how to make this convention more informative & enjoyable for
      you and your AMCFamily. This will also help expedite the registration
      process once you arrive at the convention. Please email this directly
      to texas@...

      By filling out the following form below your email will be added to
      our convention database for notification of future Texas updates.

      Your Name:
      Your AMCSupport Member name:

      Email Address:

      Mailing Address:

      Phone (optional):

      What is the best way for us to contact you:

      AMC'ers Name:

      Relationship to AMC'er (i.e. mother, therapist, etc.)

      What diagnosis (or type of AMC) were you/your child given?

      What types of therapy do you/your child receive?

      What types of therapy are you/your child *not* receiving but would
      like to?

      (This information will help us to plan age appropriate activities for
      all members of your family)
      Approximately how many people will be attending the convention with
      # of AMC'ers & age of each:
      #of children & age of each:
      # of adults:

      Please provide the first names of those in your party so that we may
      pre-print your name tags.

      What would you like to see at our Convention?

      How can we make this convention more informative & enjoyable for you
      & your family?

      If funding becomes available & we are able to provided
      transportation, will you need it? & if so for how many?
      (**You must provide a car seat for any child under 80 pounds**)

      Will you need us to provide childcare so you can participate in the
      workshops/listen to our speakers?
      Please let us know the number of children that will require childcare-
      We will send you a detailed Info packet on childcare availability
      once we have everything confirmed. Our goal is to have at least one
      childcare volunteer to every two children.

      Thank you

      2007 Texas AMC Convention Committee
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