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10th Annual Arthrogryposis Conference Celebrate 10 years with AMCSI (amcsupport.org) Registration for the 10th Annual Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support Inc. Conference is now OPEN! Hope to

Mar 1

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Re: My son i have amc, i'm 54, married and live a good life.well worth the struggle for him.  all of us can be happy and fulfilled.be strong, let him discover himself,

D Peddie
Feb 17

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AMCSI celebrates 10 years and 2015 Membership Drive AMC Annual Conference Celebrate 10 years with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support Inc in Jacksonville, Florida July 1st-4th 2015 We will release

Jan 2

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AMC Awareness Day - June 30th ! Wear BLUE in honor of your AMCer! National Support Group for Arthrogryposis Celebrates FIFTH Annual Awareness Day In four short years, families from all over

May 7, 2014

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9th Annual Arthrogryposis Conference - Minneapolis, MN (July 2-5) Registration for the 9th Annual Arthrogryposis Conference is now open! http://amcsupport.org/minneapolis_about.html

Feb 19, 2014

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Re: New to the group with some questions Hi Christine I know this is an older post but I'm justnow seeing it! My Son is only 3.5 but has been Dx with both arthrogyrprosis and B clubb feet since birth.

Feb 5, 2014

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My son I am looking for new ideas, support, and successful stories I have a 2yr old son that has arthrogryposis Sent from my iPad

Matthew Hurst
Feb 4, 2014

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AMC MINI MEETUP - Ft. Belvoir (DC Area) August 3rd 1pm-8pm https://www.facebook.com/events/599693580041479/?fref=ts meetup4amc@... This year's meet-up will be held at Castle Club Picnic Area on

Jul 21, 2013

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Re: New to the group with some questions Hi Christine, We are from Ottawa , Canada. our daughter Mia (3) was born with distal arthropryposis, her fingers and feet were tight. To correct her feet, she

Jun 27, 2013

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Re: New to the group with some questions Hi Jenessa, We see Dr. Hyman at Columbia Presbyterian. He was recommended to us by Dr. Morcuende in Iowa. My friend see Dr. Van Bosse in Philly, her son has

christine hunter
Jun 27, 2013

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Re: New to the group with some questions i am in nyc as well. what ortho are you seeing on nyc? there is an arthrogryposis clinic at NYU and they would be very adept in dealing with difficult club

Jun 26, 2013

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Re: New to the group with some questions Hi! May I suggest joining amcsupport.org forums http://www.amcsupport.org/supportforums.html ~Theresa Lucas http://www.theresalucas.com Arthrogryposis

Theresa Lucas
Jun 25, 2013

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New to the group with some questions Hello, I am new to the group searching for some answers that hopefully someone on the board can answer or perhaps lead me in a direction for help. We have a

Jun 25, 2013

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Jake Steingart mqtk http://www.transdon.com.ua/nisdvghd/RNDCHR,3,15%/tvdmhd/ztbwimqzq/nrcqfzadiaks.htm hran [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Jake Steingart
Jun 16, 2013

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Final days to register for conference!!! May 28th is quickly approaching! There are just 2 days to register for the 8th Annual Arthrogryposis Conference in Las Vegas, NV - July 3-6. 2 days to book

May 27, 2013
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