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Marrianne in Ohio: your project with HS and Elementary

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  • Barbara Davis
    ... From: Barbara Davis [mailto:bdavis@mailer.fsu.edu] Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 5:33 PM Subject: your project with HS and Elementary Marianne in Ohio, I
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      From: Barbara Davis [mailto:bdavis@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 5:33 PM
      Subject: your project with HS and Elementary

      Marianne in Ohio,

      I graduated from the Cleveland Inst of Art; any chance you are in
      Cleveland??? I left Ohio in 1984 and have done lots of things since then,
      but now I teach HS art in Tallahassee, Florida. I just joined this listserv

      Your idea sounds good and can be successful. I think if you look over the
      elements of a sound Service Learning project you will find a good road map
      for the project. I have attached a 2-page Word document that gives the basic
      structure of a service learning project. I think you'll find that what you
      want to do matches the elements, but the document will remind you to build
      in REFLECTION and ANALYSIS with your students. They should debrief once a
      week (or however often they need) on what is working, what "a-ha's" they
      have had, what obstacles they face, what solutions they might use, etc. I
      recommend having them keep a journal of how they feel about the progress of
      the project that they then refer to when they reflect on their work. They
      would also take notes in the journal on any ideas that come from their
      relection. Sometimes the greatest learning comes from processing an event,
      not merely the event itself.

      Another aspect of service learning that might not come about with your
      project unless you plan for it is DISSEMINATION and CELEBRATION. Why not
      have an art exhibit near the end of the year of some of the work the
      elementary students have done? You can include photographs of them working
      together with your kids. You can have food and send out invitations to
      parents, teachers, etc. Ask one or two HS kids to speak about the project
      (they prepare in advance) and you might find one or two elementary kids that
      would speak on behalf of their peers.

      Your HS kids will think of what they want to teach and how, but remind them
      to keep track of supplies, whether they were donated, purchased (at what
      cost) etc. They will aslo need your help to devise ways to fairly and
      objectively assess not only the elementary kids' learning, but other
      unforseen outcomes from the project.

      I have a couple of ideas of lessons that can produce beautiful art work with
      a very limited budget. I'll write them up and send them to you later. Right
      now my grades are due and I have a final report due to an agency that
      granted us $1,000 this year toward the cost of doing an aluminum casting on
      campus. My colleagues and I just turned in a proposal for $8,000 to Florida
      Learn & Serve for a year-long project for next year. I'll check with my
      colleagues on ideas for lessons they have. Oh, and if you send me your
      address I'll send you a CD of 7 or 8 lessons we presented at NAEA in Chicago
      this spring. It has Power Point presentations, etc. for each of the lessons.

      Barbara Davis
      Florida High
      3000 Schoolhouse Road
      Tallahassee, FL 32311
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