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RE: [art_education] Making Lesson Plans

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  • familyerickson
    Message 1 of 7 , May 2, 2006
      <<<Artists are adventurers, exploring new
      conceptual and visual territory.  Like all adventurers, certain skills
      are required for safety, endurance, life sustenance.  Then, the skills
      get honed moving into unexplored territory, farther and farther from
      Jan, Loved this explanation of the creative process.   Very well said.   And also a concept kids could understand.   I currently have one 5th grade class doing a fantastic job on sports action figures and one 5th grade class whining and moaning about how it is too hard.   Think I'll share your quote with them this Thurs. as I motivate them to reach beyond their comfort zone.   Thanks for taking time to write.
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