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Choice Success Story - Art Show of Ann G (long)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Ann G. gave me permission to share her TAB Choice success story: From Ann G. Yahoo for choice-based art education! I had my first
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2006
      Dear Art Educators,

      Ann G. gave me permission to share her TAB Choice success story:

      From Ann G.

      Yahoo for choice-based art education! I had my first all-school
      Spring Art Festival last Thursday. We had 720 pieces of art work on
      display. Three mothers and I hung all of the flat art work. Each flat
      piece of art work was mounted on a colored sheet of construction
      paper, with their artist statements hanging below. I've been
      surprised at how interested everyone has been in reading the
      statements. I covered 5 tables with colored paper to display the
      cardboard/found materials constructions on.

      I was exhausted afterwards, but it went so amazingly well that I
      couldn't believe it! We guesstimated that we had about 350 people
      visit between 6:00 and 7:30. It was crowded the whole time.

      I used the suggestions from this group. At the entrance, I had a
      table with two student council greeters. On the table were a hand-out
      explaining choice-based, a parent survey form, and slips of paper
      that said "compliment" to the artist, with a lot of sharpened
      pencils, and a decorated box for them to put the slips in. I had
      flowers in a vase on the table.

      Student council guides met our viewers at the door, and offered to
      help them find art work. I had purchased plastic top hats for them at
      a party store so that they would be visible. They loved wearing them.
      I was so proud of them. They pitched right in, helping me to make
      sure that the right artist statement went with each construction
      (which I was arranging on the tables up to the last second),
      explaining art techniques, and welcoming the guests.

      Our director of fine arts came. Our principal was very complimentary
      of my program to him. She told him that I had really worked hard this
      year to make this program a success.
      She told him that she especially liked the writing element that I had
      tied in to the program, since improving writing is one of our school

      I had a power-point slide show with 200 slides scrolling during the
      exhibit. We wanted to display it on our school-wide cable system on
      several TV's, but couldn't quite get it to load, so had it on a
      laptop on a small table next to my door. Next year I'll work on this

      Our PTA provided cookies and punch in the cafeteria, which was at the
      end of the loop of the hallway around the building. We ran out of
      cookies because we had so many more people than we expected!

      I sent an email to all of the teachers with an attachment that had
      directions for viewing an in-school exhibit, and suggestions for
      classroom activities afterward. Of course, I got all of my ideas from
      all of you who responded to my questions about how to handle this.
      Many, many thanks to all of you!

      A district photographer was scheduled to come, but never showed up.
      My husband took pictures with my digital camera, but didn't get as
      many as I would have liked, since he was also helping me out. I have
      an old Sony Mavica without a viewfinder that takes the picture about
      a second after you click, so the pictures aren't wonderful, but at
      least we have some.

      This week, I have been going over the directions for viewing an
      exhibit at a museum with my first and second grade students. Then we
      have been taking a tour of our McAuliffe Elementary Art Museum. The
      students love reading the artist statements, and practically drag me
      up and down the halls to show me their favorites, or their brother or
      sister's art work.

      Parent surveys are part of our Oklahoma yearly teacher assessment
      program. I'm so glad that I put them on the table that night, since I
      have trouble getting them returned. I got so many positive comments.
      Yahoo for choice!

      Punch and cookies were always a hit at our all school art show. The
      cafeteria made the cookies... they just made extra when they were
      making cookies for lunches. The art show budget paid for the expense -
      but it wasn't nearly as much as if we ordered them elsewhere. The
      first years, we had kids/parents make cookies.... but that was such a
      hassle that we went to ordering them from a local bakery. Cost got too
      high so then we asked the cafeteria to supply them.

      Those of you interested in TAB Choice may want to check out the
      resources on this page:
      Research shows that choice is the way to go.... I wasn't total choice
      (I am not that organized) but I did have choices built into my lessons
      (it isn't all written down that way.....I often tweaked objectives to
      match what the students did).

      Sign up for TAB Choice list - browse the archives:

      I can help you merge what you already do - with choice. You don't need
      to throw out all you learned about DBAE (Discipline Based Art

      Choice blended with DBAE is working for Stephanie C and Rebecca B.....
      They are now excited about teaching classes that were unmotivated in
      the past.


      Judy Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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