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Re: [art_education] New lesson examples uploaded

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  • Heather Martin
    I love the Thiebaud desserts! Did you discuss color any or have a particular scheme that they used? Thanks, Heather
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2006
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      I love the Thiebaud desserts! Did you discuss color any or have a particular scheme that they used?

      On 3/30/06, cen_aca_dp <cen_aca_dp@...> wrote:
      Hi All!
      I have uploaded 3 new files of photos to the site:

      3rd grade felt layered molas. They began by drawing a leaf template and traced
      that on to the top layer of felt. Then, they created the "french-fry" shaped
      windows through which the next layers would show. The second layer of felt was
      cut smaller than the top, the last layer was left whole. Scraps were placed
      behind some of the windows to add color. We used a back-stitch for the veins
      and a blanket stitch to finish them off. I have them work on another project
      at the same time as this one because I spend a bit of time threading needles
      and working one on one with them. I just pull a handfull out of the current
      project and they sew. It has all evened out in the end. :)

      3rd grade desserts inspired by Wayne Thiebauld. I tend to push the art history
      because the teacher who has 6 on up does not believe in using artists when
      teaching art! So, you will see that quite a few of my lessons have some sort
      of artist tie-in. After studying Thiebaud, students drew a border (frame) on a
      piece of tag board. We created a template for the dishes by folding a paper in
      half and making a symmetrical shape. I hand out packets which contain several
      pictures of desserts and they create their own in the dish. Frames are
      decorated and the negative space is cut away from the desserts. *Note: the
      dessert & dish must touch all 4 sides of the frame! For the background,
      another piece of tag is decorated with the bottom half being a horizontal
      patterned "tablecoth" and a vertical patterned "wallpaper". All are
      watercolored. The background is mounted to a mat board or railroad board and
      the top layer is attached using 3D-Os. This gives the desserts a shadowboxed

      5th grade sun assemblages. I actually saw this idea on HGTV's Carol Duvall
      show and decided to use lower priced materials: tag board instead of foam
      core, Fadeless paper, construction paper

      I also added some more photos to the Laurel Burch cats and the Jim Dine Hearts


      Denise Pannell

      "Carry on, carry on, for the men and boys are gone, But the furrow shan't lie fallow while the women carry on." ~Janet Begbie


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