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Re: [art_education] fiber arts and collage

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  • Marty
    Caroline, (When I taught) To bolster my supplies for my (post-December break) weaving unit with 3-4th graders, I sent out a blurb in the school s newspaper
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      (When I taught) To bolster my supplies for my (post-December break) weaving unit with 3-4th graders, I sent out a "blurb" in the school's newspaper about the "Rags, Ribbons & Rainbows" Weaving Project that was to commence in January.  My request was to ask families to save all the discarded ribbons and yarns from gifts received during the break and anything else imaginable that could easily be incorporated into a cardboard weaving and to send them in with their students after the break.  You just wouldn't believe what was collected.  I also assigned the task to the actual students who would be involved in the project.  The "psyche-up" came when I demonstrated cardboard weaving to the students and challenged them to find other unique things to weave with............I used stretched cotton, strips of rags (showed them how it can tear easily and I also cut in strips of folded fabric on my paper cutter(...ok...against the law but I did it anyway! :-).)  I encouraged them to collect anything they thought possible to weave with.  The kids brought in amazing things........from tall grasses, pin needles, yarns, ribbons of all sorts, batting, raffia, sticks, wrapping papers cut in strips...and the list goes on!  Hope this helps!  The wrapping papers were great in the weaving because when you pushed the weft up tight, it created a great texture. The outcome weavings were unbelievable and just wish I still had photos of everything from "way back when". I would have loved to share the results on this list! 
      Marty Reid -

      carolinermartin@... wrote:
      I am trying to compile a list of helpful advice for art teachers about different materials and put it into a brochure format.  Does anyone have any advice, tips or strategies that make collage or fiber arts teaching easier or more successful? 
       I promise to post all that I have learned when I finish the project.

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