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Re: [art_education] monster art

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  • Susan Pack
    I am not criticizing those artists that are talented and interested in monster art It is a generic assumption that young people can handle it . What an
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2006
      I am not criticizing those artists that are talented and interested in "monster art"
      It is a generic assumption that young people "can handle it" . What an artist chooses to express himself/ herself is purely individual. There is validity in all forms of art. I am just suggesting that when thinking about the responsibility of education, when a student is armed with the knowledge of skills and technique which is certainly the responsibility of teachers, the students will always find their niche to express their creativity.
      It has nothing to do with projection. Students should be encouraged to express their creative endeavors in whatever venue that may be. If the students finds that the macabre genre interests them, the educator should encourage the student to continue developing their skills and interests. As you have said it is certainly a viable market.
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      This is JUST my opinion - that's all, but my husband and I are both macabre
      artists. We love horror movies.
      Are we violent people? Not at ALL!

      There is the thought that some artists sublimate their experience by
      creating horrific art. Think HR Gieger - I saw a terrific interview about
      him. He started doing macabre art after a painful break with the woman he

      Now, we were painting away - and then we had a son. He was born into the
      midst of this. Did we change our life? Nah, teletubbies existed quite fine
      between portraits of the Beowulf monster ripping folks and corpses being
      hung. (That's where our market is, so that is what we DO.)

      Our son - He is the MOST compassionate child. He's vegetarian of his own
      choosing! Now a pre-teen, the child will watch SAW II and be primarily
      interested in the artistic methods that were used in the production. (IE
      "They sure did put a green filter on that scene." "You know, I think they
      used cardboard for those walls." "That blood is too runny - it should be
      clotting up." )

      It seems to us that all the people saying how awful graphic images are for
      children are the people that really find such images disturbing themselves.
      There's a lot of projection going on out there, and it is NOT onto a canvas!

      Monsters and horrible things happening aren't new! Look at some of the
      ancient Greek stories! Medea, Antigone, Promethius getting his liver
      chomped on every day. Kids read that material in high school, don't they?
      Then why shouldn't they be able to DRAW those subjects? (Or paint, or

      Anyway, I think there are two kinds of folks - those that can watch and
      enjoy horrible images and those that can't. For those that can, perhaps it
      is a bit cathartic. For those that can't - well? I know I have a friend
      that can't stand to watch a horror movie, and WILL NOT look at our work.
      (It is not that bad, gee!) It is usually the ones that can't stand them
      that are the most verbal. The rest of us just shell out money for the art.
      The horror market is HUGE, so there must be a few of us out there.

      SO I find with kids - that's the hard part. Some it bothers, some LOVE it
      and are not bothered by it at all. Some of it might be personality, or it
      could be that they have seen it at home and decided it is not distressful.
      But some parents are so very protective! I think I'd stay away from it in a
      public educational forum until the kids were at least in high school.

      If you were a private teacher or tutor, it would be easier to talk to
      parents and see what their sensibilities were.

      As for us, we LOVE our monsters and gravediggers. They certainly help pay
      the bills - it IS a viable market. :)


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