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Re: [art_education] self-hardening clay...HELP!

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  • Kelli Wilke
    Hi Patty, I work with air dry clay too. I don t use the Marblex brand, (I m drawing a blank on the brand I use) but I have to say I ve been somewhat pleased
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      Hi Patty,
      I work with air dry clay too. I don't use the Marblex brand, (I'm drawing a blank on the brand I use) but I have to say I've been somewhat pleased with it so far. Although I would prefer firing clay, of course, but it works for now..until I can get a kiln.
      I would agree with the post that suggests keeping it wet! My kids wrap with damp paper towels and then air tight in plastic bags every night. It does crumble a lot easier. I stress to the kids that the clay cannot sit out. If they are n't using any pieces they need to keep in the plastic. So far I"ve used this stuff for three years. We do ceramic whistles, coil pots and slab boxes. My 7th graders are doing coil pots right now and we've been working on them for almost two weeks now. We paint with acrylic. I also stress scoring. If pieces fall off after it's dry we just use elmers. I guess my outlook is "it's better than nothing". I think the biggest complaint my kids have is the smell.


      Kelli Wilke

      Patricia Jones Brigman <pbrigman@...> wrote:
      Greetings to all,
      This is my first year to teach art (and the first year for our district to
      have art in elementary!) and I am gearing up to begin a clay unit with all
      grades next week. I have 1st through 5th grade for 45 min/week. I am
      introducing it this week with short videos (depending on grade), art history
      transparencys and real pottery. I have a house full of it since my husband
      has his masters in ceramics (MFA). However, neither of us has ever dealt
      with this self-hardening stuff (Amaco Marblex). I have no access at school
      to a kiln, wheel, wedging table, etc...so we are pretty primitive around
      here as far as clay goes. This is clay that was purchased for every
      elementary in our district and I want to make the best use of it. I think I
      am going to have them work on clay slab reliefs, but am really not sure how
      well it's going to work and am stressing about it. Have any of you done
      anything decent with this stuff? I've been messing around with some at home
      and notice how easily it breaks when dry and even can be slaked down to wet
      clay again after drying (like greenware). I need some experienced advice on
      using this clay. What have some of you done that has worked reasonably well
      and what are the "secrets" to using this stuff? Please advise soon so I can
      adjust any of my bad ideas! (as usual, I think I learn more than the kids
      do with each new lesson...I am looking forward to next year!)

      Patti Brigman
      Art Teacher
      Walker Elementary

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