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Altered Books - Lesson Plans

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  • Judy Decker
    Please accept my apology to the folks who will get this twice (I sent it to my experts group, too -Skip down to the blurb about the Smithsonian). Several Getty
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5 7:00 PM
      Please accept my apology to the folks who will get this twice (I sent it to
      my experts group, too -Skip down to the blurb about the Smithsonian).

      Several Getty ArtsEdNet members (about 30) are doing an Altered Books Round
      Robin. http://members.cox.net/croberts18/index.htm
      I have updated Incredible Artists on IAD:
      I have added a link to the Altered Books Site (some new ones just added) and
      also added Pascale Baud's site as an Incredible Artist Site:
      http://baudandbui.free.fr/pb_works/ Pascale's art work
      and http://baudandbui.free.fr/ teacher resources.

      I am starting to get into "lesson plan mode" for Incredible Art
      Department...so send me any plans - or ideas - you have to share. Remember
      that folks want to see a picture or two (send via attachment). I have one
      elementary lesson to work on from Linda Woods that is sure to be a hit - "A
      Giant came to Town".

      I don't expect anyone to go to great lengths to type something up just for
      IAD. Look through your folders to see what you might already have on file.
      Send them to me in lesson plan form if you need it that way, too -
      Otherwise, I can put it on an ideas page. I still have the template I use
      online (but you certainly don't have to use it):

      I will be working on an ideas page for elementary and middle school ceramics
      soon - so send me any images you have to share. Complete lessons plans are
      not necessary. We have some step-by-step lessons for ceramics already on the
      site. I would like images for a high school ceramic ideas page, too.

      I have finally decided how I want to handle listing all of the "Important
      Artists" you cover - so I will have that ready for the start of the school
      year. One thing I have done to make finding artists links easier for you was
      to put the Artcyclopedia Search feature on my home page. I don't know why I
      didn't think of that sooner. Scroll down past the blue table.

      Linda Woods and I "discovered" this great lesson plan on Smithsonian site
      for landscape painting:
      g/index.html or http://tinyurl.com/g4c1
      I added a link to it from my Artists/Art Styles page. Linda has made a
      PowerPoint of all the landscapes (in color) to show her students. After
      Linda posts her work on her site, I will make a lesson plan for IAD and
      provide links to all of the images. She plans to do expressive landscapes
      with 5th grade.

      More Smithsonian Plans:
      http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/ (Education Home Page)
      Nice booklet to print out on Portraits of the Presidents (lots of

      Remember to post Great Sites you come across in your surfing.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
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