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Re: [art_education] advise on teaching Photo

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  • Patti Garcia
    Wonderful words! I agree completely, ... Patti Garcia Photographer / Artist www.fotofilm.org [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2005
      Wonderful words! I agree completely,

      on 12/30/05 12:41 PM, Patricia Knott at pknott@... wrote:

      > I've been teaching photo for many years and it's my favorite class.
      > What I like best is that so many students who think they are not
      > "artists' because drawing is a struggle, find a vision with the camera.
      > You have to teach the basics and fundamentals and those are
      > easily found through searching
      > But you have to give the magic.
      > This semester I've been teaching digital and not the chemical and I
      > miss the magic so much. No computer can mimic the delight of peering
      > into the developer tray and seeing an image "appear." No thing
      > equals opening the tank and seeing a roll of negatives that
      > worked. I forever hear the screams of delight from students who
      > went through the process and got the results. One time I had a girl
      > who had to call her mom at the moment.
      > Photo is all about the wonder. And that is what you have to teach
      > and convey. As soon as you give them the vision all the rest is cake.
      > Granted, today's youth, who are so accustomed to push button, have a
      > bit of struggle with the controls. But they will respond to the
      > teaching that it's not just a push button.
      > My best advice is to make imaginative shooting assignments -- force
      > them to search and look
      > and
      > for every kid, find at least one image on their contact sheets that
      > is or has the potential for "wow." The technical stuff comes easy
      > when they know that they can make "wow."
      > Everything we do in any art course comes from our love and passion.
      > When you can find the passion to share, the lessons come easily. When
      > you make it your own -- the kids see the passion.
      > B&W photo is so forgiving it's easy to get past the mistakes
      > teach them that it is the vision not the process
      > move them to really look and the rest of it will come easily.
      > Patty
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      Patti Garcia
      Photographer / Artist

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