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RE: [art_education] Re: Student in car accident

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  • ebay@billieellisonterry.com
    It sounds like he had traumatic brain injury. That is so awful. My 24 yo cousin was in a wreck 3 or 4 months ago and it didn t bruise him or cut him or
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 20, 2005
      It sounds like he had traumatic brain injury. That is so awful. My 24 yo
      cousin was in a wreck 3 or 4 months ago and it didn't bruise him or cut him
      or break anything, but he had TBI. He's just now getting to be able to walk
      again. His wife is due any day and he is just now able to remember that
      there is a baby coming.

      I so hope this boy does ok. The best thing is that he is young. He might
      have problems with his patience or his temper. Just if that happens know
      that it is usually part of it.

      I wish him the best. Thanks for being so concerned about him. That's a
      sign of a really wonderful teacher. :)

      -Kristi, homeschool mom to Sage, 9


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      Hello all,
      Wanted to thank those that responded to my query for info to help my
      student who was in the car accident. I got many good ideas from your
      responses. As it turns out, we have never had to send assignments to the
      hospital. He will be returning to school after the Christmas break. The
      principal, guidance counselor and intervention specialist had a conference
      call with neurologists, social workers, et al, from the hospital this week
      and will be meeting with teachers before his return. I have talked briefly
      with the intervention specialist. He is now a "TBI" and has short term
      memory problems, but I do not have any further details as to the specifics
      of his disability. He will probably be returning on a limited schedule
      initially, with art class being one of the classes to help him get back in
      the swing. He will need an aide to get him from room to room, but at this
      time the hospital people feel he will do okay in the classrooms without a
      fulltime aide. I understand he has been drawing
      a lot out of boredom in the hospital.

      I am sure I will be returning to all of you with more questions and for
      more ideas, so if any of you have had similar situations, I would appreciate
      your input.
      Thanks again,

      Marianne Galyk <mgalyk@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      I have a second year HS art student who is recovering in a large hospital
      from a bad car crash. He was very fortunate to survive. He is the kid that
      every Friday in class I look at him and say to myself, "I hope you come back
      on Monday" because he has a history of "risky" behaviors.He has no broken
      limbs, but his neck was injured, he suffered head trauma, both lungs
      collapsed - thrown clear out of the car. (He is fortunate because the car's
      driver has two broken arms, a broken leg, broken neck and clavicle and is in
      a halo.)

      At any rate, while he does rehab at the hospital he will have a teacher,
      and they want us to send assignments. I am unsure what to do with him, as I
      am not sure how much he will be able to do in his hospital room. He is not
      one of those "devoted" art students, he and I just got along okay and he
      likes art. There are many teachers he doesn't get along with.

      I don't want to just give him just art history assignments, because I
      figure he will be "burnt out" on book work and would probably enjoy hands-on
      more. He likes to draw, so drawing assignments might work, but he need a lot
      of encouragement or step-by-step instruction. He will probably need every
      credit he was taking to graduate, as he is a senior this year, and has
      wasted a lot of time.

      Any books that might help, or any assignment ideas would be appreciated. I
      will have to find out if he will have access to a computer, etc.

      Marianne in "snowy" Ohio

      Marianne Galyk
      "Paint what you are, paint what you believe, paint what you feel."
      ~Ben Shahn
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