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RE: [art_education] Looking for some Egyptian art projects!

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  • vickie mathas
    I teach elementary grades 1-4 and I take the whole school to one place in the world for an entire year. This year we are in Egypt. I teach all art lessons
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 26, 2005
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      I teach elementary grades 1-4 and I take the whole school to one place in the world for an
      entire year. This year we are in Egypt.
      I teach all art lessons connected to the art, people, animals and history of Egypt.

      After doing research and gathering visuals and objects I plan lessons for all grades for the

      All grades are currently making out of paper an Egyptian collar that I will save and give to
      the kids just before our annual art show so they can wear them to the opening of a year's
      worth of art based on Egypt.
      The collars are folded 12x18 paper, cut with fancy edged scisssors with an opening for the
      neck. We look at the symbols in Egyptian art but students can design their own to make it
      Multi media- coloring and then decorating with sequins and holagraphic stick on paper.
      They look wonderful and the kids are excited to wear them to the show in June.

      Up coming lessons:
      1st - Egyptian Fish drawn in craypas. Line element will surround the fish in the
      background, will work this one vertical and long.
      1st- small mummies featuring patterns and introducing hieroglyphics.
      1st- cartouche, large like a name tag that can be placed on their bedroom doors.
      1st- Painting: theme the papyrus boats of Egypt with people standing in the boats,
      crocodiles and fish in the water, pyramids in the background.
      This lesson addresses the need to teach foreground, middle ground and background
      1st- drawing using the shape break down method- "Crocodile"
      1st- full figure drawing- dressed in Egyptian clothing style and details
      Clay sculpture of pottery
      Drawing cats with environment

      Egyptian Collar
      Full figure drawing and cut out
      Cut paper relief mask, paper sculpture, mounted on paper with hieroglyph border
      Painting- Camels walking over the desert sands, depth of foreground, middle and
      Clay slab sculpture based on Egyptian myth or story about how the sun is in the sky.
      Stichery on burlap, drawl string bag

      Egyptian collar
      Necklace cartouche with hieroglyphs
      Chalk dusting pyramid shapes and blended color background
      Watercolor painting of Egyptian character seated on a throne, background will feature the
      stylized plants in Egyptian art creating a garden of Egyptian power.
      Scratch art Tuts
      Clay sculpture of an animal from Egypt
      Fiber art project
      Architecture- painting project with border design

      Egyptian collar
      Full figure drawing profile, paper will be folded in half with one side traditional and the
      other moderized
      Relief sculpture, celluclay on circle shaped cardboard, full faces, multi media
      Cartouche jewelry
      Doodle line crocodiles and camels
      Positive-negative black and white drawing using the Egyptian stylized trees and bushes
      as models
      Clay sculpture
      Weaving with yarn

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      Subject: RE: [art_education] Looking for some Egyptian art projects!
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      > I have a lesson (well, at least the lesson IDEA, lol) for Egyptian Eyes made
      > of Sculpey on IAD:
      > http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/Files/ceramics.htm
      > It is about 3/4 of the way down the page. If you want any details, let me
      > know. Judy, I will try to get you a lesson plan, if you still want it. :)
      > Denise Pannell
      > Defiance, OH
      > > ===== Original Message From Tina <teachemart1@...> =====
      > > Dear Group,
      > >
      > > I am looking for some new ideas for projects for my fifth graders that
      > > pertain to Egypt. Does anyone have some projects that they really
      > > like? Please post. Thanks.
      > > Tina


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