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  • Michelle Chick
    You can also do this with still life or figure drawing but instead of the paper moving the students move around the display or image being drawn. It is great
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      You can also do this with still life or figure drawing but instead of the paper moving the students move around the display or image being drawn. It is great when working on proportions as well as other aspect of the elements and principles. I did this with both middle and high school students they each used a different colored pencil. They were amazing and the students gained a great deal of info from it. A critique without words so to speak.


      sophybluedagmar <sophybluedagmar@...> wrote:
      Hi, This sounds like a fun activity and I have a question about it.
      Do you set up a still life or do students draw from their imaginations?
      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, Judy Decker <judy.decker@g...> wrote:
      > Dear Art Educators,
      > Nicole Brisco posted this to AP list - but you could use it with any
      > class - any grade level. (shared here with permission)
      > Round Robin Drawing - from Nicole Brisco
      > Simple but fun. You can do it from life or give a theme or idea.
      > Everyone gets a sheet of paper and some drawing materials. They place
      > their name on the back side.
      > Place students in a circle if possible. Students begin drawing and in
      > about 3-5 minutes they must pass their drawings to the right. This
      > continues until the drawings make it back around. I like to change up the
      > amount of time...this keeps them on their toes and they laugh a lot.
      > Some people like to be consistent and give 5 minutes per pass.
      > At the end post them and have the students select certain ones for the
      > strengths, best composition, best value, most creative, use of color,
      > strongest drawing, best contrast, abstract, etc. You could give
      > awards.
      > It is kind of luck since so many people work on the same work....but it
      > also teaches the students that they can work with, and depend on each
      > other in their class. They tend to find what they are good at and add
      > it to the drawing.
      > What is amazing is that even though all the same students worked on each
      > piece they are all so different. It really gets kids open to the idea
      > of individuality and options.
      > --------------------------------------------------------
      > If anyone does this idea, send me a couple of examples of student work
      > to go with the idea on Incredible Art Department.
      > Judy Decker
      > --
      > Incredible Art Department
      > http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/
      > Incredible Art Resources
      > http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/

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