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Middle School Lesson idea! Magnetic Personalities

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Melissa Speelman sent in a GREAT lesson idea for the lesson sharing group. From Melissa: While exploring online last year I came across
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2005
      Dear Art Educators,

      Melissa Speelman sent in a GREAT lesson idea for the lesson sharing group.

      From Melissa:

      While "exploring" online last year I came across artist Ann Wisebroad.

      I fell in love with her work- especially the Magnetic Personalities. I
      thought- how can I translate her work into a lesson for my Art 8 class.
      This is what I came up with:

      First I had the students create a "Personal Color Palette" instead of going
      over color theory again. I get so tired of seeing the same color
      combinations over and over. I ask students to experiment and "play" with
      colors until they developed a unique, personal color scheme. I encouraged
      them to write down their "recipes" so that we could use personalized colors
      all semester.

      I made a PowerPoint of Ann's work and we discussed the simplified,
      exaggerated portraits as well as Ann's use of color and painterly style.
      Students then worked on a simplified, exaggerated self portrait. I
      explained that we would first create a our drawings on paper and experiment
      with our color schemes. Many students created multiple practice
      compositions before deciding on their final.

      We then created our magnetic exaggerated facial features with clay.
      We put acetate over our practice paintings so that we could see how
      our magnets worked on the faces. Once clay features were complete, we
      let them dry about a week and fired them.

      While we waited for the clay magnets we transferred our compositions to
      cookies sheets (from the dollar store) after sanding lightly and gessoing
      the back side. Once the clay was fired we painted with acrylics using the
      same color scheme. I bought high power round magnets at Michael's and we
      hot glued them to the clay. To hide the cookie sheet handles we created
      frames from chipboard with relief elements. Frames were hot glued from
      underneath and taped for reinforcement.

      I bought Ann's book, "Pick Your Nose and Make a Face"- it's wonderful! I
      also bought one of the playboards. The magnets are very similar to what my
      students created. They were wonderful reference pieces.
      To see all of her images now, join the Middle School Lesson sharing group.

      It is well worth your trip to the Dollar Store - you never know what
      art project might be hiding on their shelves.

      If anone tries this lesson - or version - let me know.

      Judy Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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