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Re: [art_education] classroom arrangement

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  • Carol Campbell
    Jan, In my career I ve been a visual arts traveler , teaching in 89% of the elementary schools in my district.I have had to quickly get adjusted to many
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 16, 2005
      In my career I've been a visual arts "traveler", teaching in 89%
      of the elementary schools in my district.I have had to quickly get
      adjusted to many different art rooms and many times arranging
      furniture. One of the first things I consider is traffic flow, how I
      want the children to enter the room,then I look for places to
      disperse materials,electric outlets, sinks, storage, and lastly I
      find the center of the room where I can stand and talk and have board
      (or wall) space to place anything that the whole class needs to see a
      one time. There should be an easy flow to manuevering. Don't be
      surprised if you may have to adjust your placement of things in the
      room as the year progresses according to the issues that may arise.
      I am now in a more permanent assignment but I have rearranged the
      room set up about four times because needs have changed.
      Best wishes,

      --- jam hillm <hillmjan@...> wrote:

      > Does anyone have suggestions as to good ways to
      > arrange your classroom? That's something I've been
      > wondering about, too. In fact, I almost ordered this
      > book for that reason! Thanks for saving me some $.
      > Anyway, hearing ideas about arranging art classrooms
      > would be interesting and timely.
      > Jan
      > --- Act Silly 4 Art <actsilly4art@...> wrote:
      > ... What I also wanted to know was how to
      > > arrange my classroom to reduce disruption and to
      > > maximize artistic creativity but classroom
      > > arrangement is a very short section in this book and
      > > it didn't tell me much of what I didn't already
      > > know.
      > J - Wow
      > Florida
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