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Re: GREAT Curriculum Site

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  • katday2001
    Judy, thank you for sharing the curriculum sites-- the Saskatchewan site is clear and concise! I m to write my curriculum by the end of next school year, but
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5 6:48 AM
      Judy, thank you for sharing the curriculum sites-- the Saskatchewan
      site is clear and concise! I'm to write my curriculum by the end of
      next school year, but I want to get as much done before school starts
      as I can. I wonder if curriculums don't have to start and end with
      their own state guidelines as a foundation. Fortunately, mine begins
      with the National Standards, so it's faily, well, standard. However,
      it and other c. guides I've seen leave out how lessons foster
      cooperative skills among peers-- that seems like such an obvious
      benefit in art. Also, no guides break down curriculum by grade.
      Since development progresses so quickly at the elementary stage, this
      seems important. Our old guide, for instance, had first and second
      graders practicing simple aspects of perspective drawing. That's
      probably because our last curriculum just lumped K-4 together:
      sections for different grades but identical copy in each. I'm using
      an old copy of Understanding Children's Art for Better Education by
      Betty Horovitz to pinpoint more age-appropriate objectives. Am I
      being too complicated? I tend to do that. Kat

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, Judy Decker <judy.decker@g...>
      > To all of you weary Curriculum Writers.....
      > Like I said last night... I browsed dozens of sites last night and
      > couldn't decide what I wanted to say about them. My link to
      > Saskatchewan was broken... I know this is a good source....
      > Patty Knott posted this to Getty list:
      > I wrote a few days ago that there are numbers of sources for
      > on the web. Most just reiterate the standards with little direction
      > how the content is directed.
      > There is one curriculum on line that is just the best--
      > http://www.sasked.gov.sk.ca/branches/curr/evergreen/artsed.shtml
      > It's the Saskatchewan. You can get lost in this site as to all the
      > resources. I hate to advocate taking what has been done by so many
      > that put so much effort and research into a comprehensive plan, but
      > this is just the best of all my searches and I've searched them all.
      > Curriculum writing is hard work. You must evaluate your own beliefs,
      > your district initiatives, and your student interests and choices.
      > --------------------------------------------------
      > Pam Stephens had this to say about the site:
      > Thank you for pointing out
      > http://www.sasked.gov.sk.ca/branches/curr/evergreen/artsed.shtml
      > This is a site I will recommend to my pre-service students as they
      begin to
      > look at curriculum. Although there are a few points I'd argue
      (their idea of
      > a theme, for example), I find this to be a very good model.
      > I particularly like the pie charts that indicate how inquiry and
      > content are equal in value to production, although that would be
      easy to
      > misinterpret as spending equal time on each area --- which we know
      is not
      > usually the case.
      > ----------------------------------------------------------
      > I value the opinion of these two fine educators and will get this
      > linked for sure.
      > I know some are looking for those "quick at a glance" type guides,
      > I personally don't like those - and just didn't know what to say
      > them if I did link them. so may were too limiting.
      > Judy Decker
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