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    From: aartdimen Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:53:29 +0800 To: Cc: Julie Fearns-Pheasant Subject:
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      From: "aartdimen" <artdimen@...>
      Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:53:29 +0800
      To: <fez@...>
      Cc: "Julie Fearns-Pheasant" <fez@...>
      Subject: Dear Artist.doc


      Dear Artist

      As you may know our dear friend, well known artist,  Drewfus Gates has been
      badly burnt and is in Royal Perth Intensive Care Unit, he has 3rd Degree
      burns to 35% of his body, lost 4 fingers of his left hand and his right hand
      has been badly hurt, among other complications.

      We all are thinking of him , hoping he will pull through  , our thoughts are
      also with Chelinay, his loving wife, and their four young children, (10, 3,
      4 years old and the youngest only nine month old) .

      Drewfus, a Physicist, is a self taught multi award winner artist, who has
      worked tirelessly for his art and at the same time holding teaching
      positions with the Education Department (UWA, Curtin University, Edith Cowen
      University, TAFE). With his wife Chelinay he has been very involved in
      Community projects. Since 1982 Drewfus and Chelinay have accumulated more
      than 200 art awards.

      Drewfus is greatly admired for his master use of Pastels, Oils, Watercolours
      and Gouache, for his excellence in Portraiture and in general for being a
      honourable respected member of the community.

      Drewfus works are a celebration of vision, painted with acute awareness of
      the symbolic and spiritual contexts of light and colour.

      Drewfus’s friends have decided to stage an Auction with a “All works will be
      sold” to assist Drewfus with his treatment, we will be most grateful if you
      could donate an Art work for this Auction, the venue will be decided in
      accordance to the number of art works received . A receipt will be issued to
      all contributions.

      We are contacting Art lovers and Patrons and we will be advertising the
      Auction in the media.

      We have already received offers of art works by D’hange Yammanee, Gareth
      Gorman, Murray Gill, Sally Douglas, Wim Boissevain, Leon Pericles, Ian
      D’Souza, Glen Hughes, Greg Baker, Heather Jones, The Maverick Group, Len
      Zuks, George Kustorkov, Douglas Kirsop,Tony Windberg, Jules Sher, Jan Hart,
      John Manson ,Brian Simmonds, and many, many,  more artists.

      Thanking you for your generosity, we enclose our phone numbers and Emails to
      arrange delivery of Art works or monetary assistance.

      North of the river:

      D’hange & Aura Yammanee :

      Phone 92754580, Mobile 041 1025 004  or   041 3017 870      Email
      14 Compton Way , Morley WA 6062

      Gareth Gorman & Christina Wheeler
      Phone  93392890,         Email garethw@...

      Yours sincerely

      D'hange & Aura Yammanee ,  Gareth Gorman & Christina Wheeler
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