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Reminder "Art Spaces" submissions

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  • Sheba
    Reminder Art Spaces submissions: This message has been sent to all those that indicated an interest in participating in this project as well as several art
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      Reminder "Art Spaces" submissions:
      This message has been sent to all those that indicated an interest in participating in this project as well as several art groups. If I reached you in error, please let me know and I will remove you from my address book. Thank you for offering to share your studio and your art with the community.

      "Art Spaces" Will be a photo/interview style zine with virtual tours of artists' studios, homes and gardens. Even if you just do your art on the kitchen table or in a separate structure... I want you to share. I will have a set of questions for you to work from and will want 3-7 digital images, including at least ONE of you working IN your space plus a few of your art work.

      I will also be accepting articles of ORGANIZATIONAL TIPS especially
      artists that work in small spaces or are often on the go. (ie reviews of your favorite traveling art bags, where to find the best deals on unique storage solutions...)

      I would also LOVE articles of people whose studios are in
      transformational changes... and the WHYS behind the changes.
      (pictures of before and after) If you send an article you may also
      submit a free ad for your business, website or upcoming gallery show.

      Summer 2005: Groovy Gardens: In addition to the above regular articles, will include gardens, no article necessary...just send some pics of your artsy garden spaces. (deadline May 10th, Issue out in Late June)

      Fall 2005: Back to School: In addition to the above regular articles, will include workshops, do you teach in your studio? If so how, what, when, where... how does this work with or against your ability to use your studio. (deadline August 10th, Issue out in Late September)

      Winter 2005: Holiday Decorations: How DO those funky artist types decorate for the holidays?? no article necessary...just send some pics of your artsy decorated spaces. (Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas... whatever!) (deadline October 30th, Issue out in Late November)

      Spring 2006: Spring Cleaning: Focus on organizational tips. (deadline February 10th, Issue out in Late March)

      SO If you have something to share...you will of course get a free
      contributors copy. This will be quarterly with the first issue being the SUMMER issue, so anyone with artsy GARDENS send in those pictures!!!!

      Questions for An Artist Studio Tour: Use these questions to do a
      direct interview Q & A style, or write an article in 1st or 3rd
      person. Your choice. Do not feel like you have to answer all of them, just what works for you.

      First a bit about YOU as an artist and then some about your specific
      What kind of art do you make?
      Why you do what you do?
      How did you get into this work?
      How do you feel when work is going well?
      What are your favorite things about your work?
      What do you like best about what you do?
      When I work with__________ I am reminded that___________.
      I begin a piece by______________.
      I know a piece is done when__________________.
      When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of _____________.
      When people see my work, I'd like them to ________________.

      How does your space help you to do what you do?
      What kind of spaces have you worked in before? What is better or
      worse about your current space?
      What is your favorite tool? Why?
      What is your favorite material? Why?
      What is your favorite organizational strategy? Why?
      What is your favorite storage container? Why?
      Do you have your space decorated in a particular theme? How does that theme influence your work?
      What kind of images or objects do you have in your space that are
      meant purely for inspiration?
      If you had a "studio makeover" by a famous designer/artist with an
      unlimited budget, what would you envision? Your dream studio?
      What do others say/think when they see your space?
      Do you let people watch you while you are working? Why or Why not?

      Now take several pictures of your space. Describe your favorite
      things about the items/area shown in the picture. What about things
      you would like to change?

      Send in digital format on or before May 10th (extended from May 5th) Feel free to send things in for furture issues as well.

      Sheba~Cynthia Artist/ Educator "multi-faceted creative visionary"
      The ART Site
      The School Site
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      Make AN ART A DAY... Come play with us!

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