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  • D. Camp
    I live in the Seattle area, far from the chaos of NY and VA. Here most kids had heard and seen the news before they ever left for school. At our house the
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      I live in the Seattle area, far from the chaos of NY and VA.  Here most kids had heard and seen the news before they ever left for school.  At our house the alarm went off at 5:30am, we heard that a plane had crashed into one of the towers.  We did not turn on the TV immediately, not completely sure why...probably because we never turn the TV on that early.  About 6:00 am our phone started ringing, it was my brother in Japan, they had been watching the news and had seen the second plane crash. He was thinking it was 5:00 here and figured we were all still asleep and wanted us to know what was happening.   Our school for the most part tried to keep a normal schedule.  They always do a schoolwide Pledge of Allegiance.  They sent home a letter Tuesday afternoon with pointers for talking to your children and helping them cope with tragedies such as this.  On Friday, following the Pledge there was a moment of silence.  The older students have organized a schoolwide fund drive for the Red Cross. One second grade class drew pictures and wrote letters to students in NY.  Although each class and teacher has been left to handle the situations as they see fit, but they have also shared ideas, etc.with each other. 
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      I teach in Central New Jersey in a k-8 school...from some of my students' homes, the Twin Towers could be seen. I had a prep 2nd period last Tuesday and was in the hall with 2 other teachers (I was putting up a bulletin board) when we heard of the disaster. One of our teachers' son was on the 32nd floor of Tower # 2...I went to cover her class so she could leave (she called that night to tell me he was ok...even tho they announced to his building that it was just an isolated incident (the crash at Tower 1) and they could return to their offices, he left his building minutes after the second plane crashed)... later, during my lunch I watched TV in utter, unbelieving horror. Parents came to school and removed students. Some teachers (upper grades) put the radio on, so by the time some students got to me, they knew bits and pieces.
      I felt our administration was extremely lax. The next day we were given handouts outlining how we should be "supportive." We had no assembly, no unity, nothing as a school-community~ not even a schoolwide pledge to the flag or moment of silence.  Everything was put on the individual teachers...there was no solidarity at all. I was approached to make flags...
      I thought of quite a few diverse ways to approach flag-making and it opened up a dialogue with my classes. I made a huge flag with the 8th grade and we had everyone in the school sign their names in red, so the red stripes were made up of signatures. We made folk art flags with stamping and stenciling. I did a ruler exercise for making flags. Collaged flags too... I xeroxed sheet music and we made patriotic stars and stripes...on and on...anything to try to ease the sorrow about NY.
      My husband and I donated blood and sox and money... but nothing fills the emptiness we feel....
      I hope you are all safe and coping the best that you can. My thoughts and prayers are with you...

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