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Re: [art_education] Plagiarism in High School Art - encouraged by many teachers

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  • Susan Bennett
    Graphing and drawing using the aide of photographs is a very good tool in representational drawing. Copying masters is a very good tool in visual learning.
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2005
      Graphing and drawing using the aide of photographs is a very good tool in representational drawing. Copying masters is a very good tool in visual learning. Knowing the difference of original thought and visually learning from another is what should be important. I grew up in art training that did not allow ever utilizing tools that could improve my visual training, such as grids and photos. I am very thankful for books like "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and other work that encourage students to learn from others. Yet draing from observation is the best, tools of others photgraphy can still bem a tool. I do not have on hand elephants, zebras etc. etc. when my students wish to use these for their art.
      While visiting famous museums I found it facinating to watch others draw and take from the masters. I believe one of the articals you just reported on was about drawing in the Asian Wing . Were these artist not copying? How much can be gained by copying the hand stroke of another, while gaining the confidence to make a statement of original thought as the skills that one wishes to acquire are gained.
      Susan in Ohio

      Judith Decker <jdecker4art@...> wrote:
      Greetings Art Educators,

      Unfortunately, plagiarism in art is encouraged by many
      teachers. How many of you have seen drawings in art
      shows that you know came from photographs? Yes, I know
      the students are "changing" it somewhat as they are
      drawing or painting the image - but still very little
      alteration is done. What about the classroom where
      students simply put a photograph in the opaque
      projector and trace? I think many of us have seen that

      Plagiarism comes up every year on Getty list. This is
      one thread I got to come up in Google:

      There was a recent thread about "integrety of art
      teachers" that touched upon this topic - but I can't
      find it now.

      I found some school policies on plagiarism when I
      searched plagiarism in high school art. In my opinion,
      when a student plagiarizes work in art class, the
      teacher is to blame more than the student. It depends
      on the objectives of the lesson, too - how the lesson
      is done - media choices.


      Judy Decker

      Incredible Art Department
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