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Two sites - Architecture and Plants

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  • Judith Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, Here are two sites from Scout Report that I will be linking. 8. Cities and Buildings Database
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      Greetings Art Educators,

      Here are two sites from Scout Report that I will be

      8. Cities and Buildings Database

      The University of Washington Libraries Digital
      Collection online projects and archives are
      well-regarded, and this database proves to be no
      to that highly positive trend. Started in 1995, the
      Cities and Buildings Database contains over 10,000
      digitized images of buildings and cities
      culled from all historical periods and from all over
      the world. Visitors may wish to start with a simple
      keyword search or if they are interested in
      merely browsing by country, they may do so as well
      from the homepage. Of course, one should not be
      surprised to also learn that visitors may also
      perform detailed searches for buildings by city,
      style, title, architect, and date of construction.
      Just to give prospective visitors some sense of
      the depth and breadth of the collection, the database
      contains everything from conceptual sketches of Frank
      Gehry's Experience Music Project to
      photographs of the monastery of St. Keghard in
      Armenia. [KMG] Copyright Scout Report 2005

      Teachers do have permission to show images in
      PowerPoint (as long as you credit source). I will add
      a link to my Architecture page.

      9. Vanderbilt University: Bioimages

      This extensive website of southeastern U.S. plant
      images was developed by Dr. Steve Baskauf of the
      Department of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt
      University. The site is part of a larger Bioimages
      website designed to "provide educational information
      to the public on biologically related topics, as well
      as a source of biological images for personal and
      non-commercial use." Site visitors can browse for
      excellent images of many trees and woody plants by
      common name, scientific name, or family. Notably,
      these species pages include close-ups of different
      tree and plant parts (e.g. flower, bark, leaf, fruit).
      The site also offers helpful comparison sections for
      oaks, hickories, maples, and hickory nuts. Other site
      offerings include a list of Common and Endemic
      Herbaceous Plants of Cedar Glades by Family, a list of
      non-seed plants (hyperlinked to images), and a section
      on Identifying Invasive Plants. This site is also
      reviewed in the April 1, 2005_NSDL Life Sciences
      Report_. [NL] Copyright Scout Report 2005

      This site has some good close-up images of plants and
      trees. I will add a link oon my Art-Math-Science page.
      You have permission to use images from this site, too.


      Judy Decker

      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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