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Re: Hi and Elliot Eisner

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  • Ken Rohrer
    Isn t the ninth one on technology? Ken ... Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 22:46:39 -0300 From: monica Subject: Re: Hi and Elliot Eisner Hi
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 16, 2005
      Isn't the ninth one on technology?


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      Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 22:46:39 -0300
      From: "monica" <monica@...>
      Subject: Re: Hi and Elliot Eisner

      Hi Michelle !

      Thank you for your warm welcome !
      I am on holidays now, as I have just finished the last
      exam of my
      career. Now, I have to prepare the final work (a kind
      of thesis) and for
      that work I need to read Eisner. That`s the reason why
      I am searching this
      When I come back to Buenos Aires, I will be letting
      you know if I need
      anything from those books. Thank you so much for your
      I have read "Frames of mind" and I already have it. Do
      you know?:
      Gardner has reformuled his theory and has issued a new
      book where he states
      two new more intelligences, so now, they are nine!
      Regarding the books "Cognition and Curriculum", they
      are already
      translated into Spanish, so I can get them easily.
      What I am sure, I do not
      have is the first book of the list and maybe I will be
      making you some
      questions on it. It seems it is very close to the
      subject of my thesis.
      I want to thank you very much for your kind help and
      attention and I am
      sure we will be getting in contact after Easter.
      Best regards !

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