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Re: [art_education] Sculpture on a thread - check your community

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  • maria lengauer
    Thanks! My cogwheels are turning now! I d love to see the power point! Maria L. Judith Decker wrote: Dear Art Educators, For low cost
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2005
      Thanks! My cogwheels are turning now! I'd love to see the power point!

      Maria L.

      Judith Decker <jdecker4art@...> wrote:
      Dear Art Educators,

      For low cost and free materials, check your community.

      A lot can be done with corrugated cardboard - you will
      find an endless supply at appliance stores, department
      stores - check around.

      Dow Board is great for sculpture - check local
      contractors for scraps. Purchase additional that you
      need (very affordable).

      Check building supply places in your area... I got
      bags of plaster donated. I even got plaster gauze
      bandages donated from a medical supply place
      (purchased some - got some free kind of deal)

      Check manufacturing in your area... I got a big bolt
      of copper wire donated before Westinghouse closed.

      Check phone company - many will donate wire.

      Check paint supply stores - many will donate paint
      that miss-mixed.

      Check picture frame shops for scraps of foam core
      board and mat board.

      Are there any nearby colleges? You might be able to
      negotiate a deal for your clay. I got mine from a
      nearby college for years - much cheaper than ordering
      through supply catalogs.

      Are there any mill shops? You can get interesting wood
      pieces by going through their scarp bins. Also check
      contractors for scrap wood. There might be some
      crafters in your school community too that will donate
      wood scraps.

      I did some very good totem sculptures with assorted
      boxes, pringles cans, tin cans etc.

      Bottle people (from recycled bottles) can be a hit at
      any age. Tie in Marisol. Any kind of recycled
      sculpture project. Collect "stuff" then turn the kids
      loose. Can be taped together - then paper mached (You
      might be able to get free wheat paste froma local
      paint/wallpaper store)- use newpspare and paper towel
      end rolls (check with your custodians if you have that
      brorwn paper toweling).

      "Screamers" can be done low budget and are a hit with
      all ages. Low budget approach uses paper mache and
      cloth strips (can all be donated).

      Lots of places to get free styrofoam packing
      materials....Great for all sorts of sculpture projects
      - plaster addition with gauze - or paper mache.

      Send out "wish lists"...asking for materials to be
      donated. Include masking tape on that list (as you
      will need lots for paper mache) - also aluminum foil.

      Hope this helps. I have a PowerPoint from a teacher
      who did a recycled materials project. I can send it to
      you off list. Let me know.

      Judy Decker

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