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Art Program for High School Students - New York

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  • Judith Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I received this notice about a new year round program for high school students. Those of you from Long Island New York may have already
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      Dear Art Educators,

      I received this notice about a new year round program
      for high school students. Those of you from Long
      Island New York may have already heard about it. If
      you are interested read on....Deadline for year round
      program is March 15 (short notice).

      Below is information on the Heckscher-Usdan Student
      Art Institute, a new, year-round Long Island program
      at the nationally acclaimed Usdan Center for the
      Creative and Performing Arts in Huntington, Long
      Island and Huntington's Heckscher Museum of Art. More
      information is available at www.usdan.com. If you
      need more information, feel free to contact:

      Reva Cooper
      (718) 965-0486; revacooper@...


      Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts/Dale
      Lewis-Executive Director, and the Heckscher Museum of
      Art/Beth Levinthal-Executive Director, have announced
      a collaboration to launch the Heckscher-Usdan Student
      Art Institute, to begin in the summer of 2005 at Usdan
      Center. The two prominent arts institutions are both
      in Huntington, Long Island -� Usdan Center is
      America�s largest summer arts day camp, and the
      Heckscher Museum was cited by the New York Times as
      �One of the primary small museums in the country with
      an international reputation.�

      The application deadline for the program is March
      15, 2005.

      Talented high school-age visual artists Grades 9
      to 11 will be selected for participation in the
      Institute from a competitive selection process
      including portfolio evaluation and school district
      nomination. Fifteen young Long Island artists will be
      invited as the first members of this select program.
      Participants will spend their summers at Usdan Center
      in special Institute studio and seminar classes, and
      will meet twice each month during the winter at the
      Heckscher Museum. The program will provide:

      1) Studio art instruction
      2) Master Classes and visits to the studios of
      celebrated artists
      3) Career and college portfolio preparation
      4) Introduction to curatorial skills and behind the
      scenes activity at the Heckscher

      The twin seasons of study will provide year-round
      study on both the Heckscher Museum and Usdan Center
      campuses. Artists, art educators, and museum
      professionals will teach Institute classes and
      seminars. Students will have opportunities to visit
      several museums and artist studios. They will explore
      the behind-the-scenes activities at the museums,
      create new works of art, learn and employ the skills
      of a curator in mounting exhibitions, and much more.

      A goal of the Institute is to create, for Long
      Island�s most talented young visual artists, a sense
      of community to encourage student-to-student artistic
      inspiration, support and camaraderie. The Institutes
      year-round program will provide young artists with the
      opportunity to build upon their own interests and
      talents, while also developing lasting friendships
      with others from Long Island schools. The Institute
      program will be divided as follows:

      Summer: Participants will study at Usdan during their
      seven-week long summer art program. They will have
      daily studio instruction provided by prominent artist-
      teachers, and will exhibit their work in the Goetz
      Exhibition Gallery and the McKinley Amphitheater
      Artist Lounge. Participants will be awarded a Usdan
      Center Scholarship for Merit that will provide one
      half of their Usdan Center tuition.

      School Year: Participants will work with professional
      museum educators, curators, and guest artists in
      Master Classes, enjoy studio and museum visits as well
      as workshop sessions at the Heckscher Museum of Art.
      Student Art Institute members will learn the
      behind-the-scenes activity that is required for the
      mounting of changing exhibitions and will explore a
      variety of art careers that stem from a
      strong interest and talent in the visual arts.
      Students will develop works of art inspired by
      exhibitions at the Museum, and will attain in-depth
      information about art movements and techniques.
      Participants will be awarded a Heckscher Museum
      of Art Executive Directors Award to cover half of
      their school year Institute tuition.

      In preparation for the launch of the
      Heckscher-Usdan Student Art Institute, student
      exhibitors in the Heckscher Museum�s recent
      exhibition, Long Islands Best: Young Artists at the
      Heckscher were surveyed and their suggestions invited
      as the Institute program is planned. The first class
      of Institute participants will be announced in
      conjunction with the awards ceremonies for Long
      Island's Best in April 2005.

      The Heckscher Museum of Art provides an
      ambitious schedule of special and traveling
      exhibitions, and offers the public its own
      distinguished collection of more than 1,800 paintings,
      sculpture and works on paper spanning about 500 years
      of European and American art. Particularly noted for
      its 19th and early 20th century landscape collection,
      it is also becoming known as a center for important
      studies in early modernism. It also has a
      comprehensive program in education, including career
      development, and is involved in many educational
      collaborations with universities, high schools and
      organizations. Full information on the museum is
      available at www.heckscher.org .

      Usdan Center, founded in 1968, was intended to
      introduce the visual and performing arts into the
      lives of children, as artsgoers. Over the years,
      however, the unique stimulation of the Center, at its
      magnificent 200-acre woodland setting at 185 Colonial
      Springs Road, Wheatley Heights, NY 11798, has
      encouraged many to go on to professional arts careers,
      and celebrity alumni include actresses Natalie Portman
      (currently in the films Closer and Garden State),
      LisaGay Hamilton (in Broadway�s Gem of the Ocean),
      singers Mariah Carey and Jane Monheit, playwright
      Michele Lowe (Off-Broadway�s acclaimed String of
      Pearls this season), and members of major music and
      dance ensembles The Center�s visual arts programs
      include study in painting, cartooning, ceramics,
      sculpture, photography, jewelry making, television and
      video arts, and computer graphics and web design.
      Full information on Usdan Center is available at

      To apply for the Heckscher-Usdan Student Art
      Institute, call Usdan Center at (212) 772-6060, or
      (631) 643-7900.

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