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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Something to think about....and this will help Karalee with her research, too. I know you folks don t have time now - so think ahead to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2 11:59 AM
      Dear Art Educators,

      Something to think about....and this will help Karalee with her research,
      too. I know you folks don't have time now - so think ahead to summer. I want
      to start an "Art Teacher Showcase" section on my site. I want to share the
      great work you do with the world. I checked with Ken Rohrer and so far we
      have the space on the site. These won't be fancy pages - just something
      simple. Right now I have work by Mark Alexander and Ken Schwab. This will be
      a great way for us to get to know one another. Once we start running out of
      space - I will rotate the teachers featured. See what I am "talking" about.

      Ken Schwab:

      Mark Alexander:

      Mark has already made some contacts as a result of these pages.

      If you want get in on it now -- send the following:
      Picture of yourself (Yes, Michal - you may send a picture of Cindy
      Crawford - ha-ha - our little joke) -- School/grade levels -- and a few
      works (via attachments). Be sure to tell me the medium/media as it is often
      difficult to tell in a digital photo. Please put Teacher Feature (or
      something like that in the subject heading as I have a special folder where
      I will save those post)

      I will save all Teacher Feature pages on my hard drive if I have to rotate
      them - I will post new ones as I complete them.

      As always - PLEASE post your personal art sites to the list and I will link
      those up, too. John Baselmans has recently joined the Getty list - I will
      add a link ASAP http://www.johnbaselmans.com/ John has some excellent
      drawings on his site. (John is also on my list of "experts").

      Judy Decker

      P.S. Something I need to add to my list of "experts" - Your web pages! Gosh,
      I wish I could remember to ask everything at one time..... I will grab web
      page address from my site:
      If you want to be sure I include yours - reply now to this
      (Jdecker@...) with your URL
      http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/4kids-4teach.htm (this
      is linked from my home page in the blue table) see if your site is listed.
      It looks like I won't make my deadline to get the list out this week folks -
      maybe early next week?
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