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Become part of the world's longest artwork

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  • Judith Decker
    Dear Artists and Art Teachers, You can help one artist s dream come true. Andrea Anderson would like to create the worlds longest painting. To do this, she
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2004
      Dear Artists and Art Teachers,

      You can help one artist's "dream" come true. Andrea
      Anderson would like to create the worlds longest
      painting. To do this, she needs your help.

      Here is Andrea's message to me:

      Hello, my name is Andrea Anderson (aka D. Violet
      Butterfly). I am a physically challenged artist
      working on developing the world's largest/longest art
      project and I would like to invite artists and other
      creative people from around the world to help me. My
      goal is to remind people that we are all connected and
      that even the smallest things we do add to the big
      picture while breaking records and boundaries as only
      art can and I would like to invite you to participate.

      I intend to break these records and boundaries by
      getting as many artists (and creative people, in
      general) involved as possible to work on this project
      with me. Each artist that wishes to be a part of the
      project will receive 2 X 9 (or more) inches of canvas
      to create a piece of original artwork. Then, once each
      artist returns their section, I will create one inch
      puzzle pieces from that art to add to my own pieces in
      order to create the world�s largest piece of
      art/puzzle, revealing that every little thing adds up
      to the big picture. In order to do this, to set a
      world record for the for largest painting/art project
      my goal is for the painting to reach over 1,115 ft X
      6.5 ft (340 meters X 2 meters) or over 43,485 inches X
      2 inches (with my dimensions of being 2 inches wide)
      and in order to reach the most people to ever work on
      an art project I need over 25,297 people and for it to
      reach the world record for the largest puzzle it needs
      to be over 18,000 one inch puzzle pieces. So, I am
      going to need a little help.

      I will be giving each artist credit for their work and
      if their original pieces are ever sold I will be
      donating half the profit to the charitable
      organization of their choice and the other half of the
      profits will go to the charitable organization of the
      buyer's choice.

      For more information and details, please visit
      (it�s free and you don�t have to sign up to see what I
      am up to).

      What do the artists get out of this?

      Well, first, they will get noted credit for your work.
      I am documenting every part of this project and if you
      choose to become a part of the project you will be
      given noted credit in the documentation.

      The second thing they will get out of this is freedom
      of art and for their artist voice to be heard and part
      of the biggest picture of them all.

      The third thing they will get is the satisfaction that
      what they do will help affect our world. Not just
      people directly related to them but people they have
      never even met.

      Not to mention, they could also be a part of three
      World Records. (That IS the plan.)


      I will eventually have a webpage (all I have right
      now is a journal I am keeping that may eventually be
      published and a Google group where I post updates and
      details pertaining to the project) but for right now
      this thing is going to have to work through word of
      mouth and the connections that people have with each
      other. Which, actually, if you think about it, is how
      this project should work. So, if you know of any other
      people or groups (like... for instance... art classes
      of all levels, art clubs, artisticly minded
      individuals that may not exactly be artists YET, etc.)
      that would like to become involved, please let them/me
      know. This is for all artists and people and the more
      the better. Also, if you know of anyone that would be
      interested in contributing supplies or anything else,
      please let me know.

      Also, one more thing, each artist will be given two
      pieces of the puzzle. One to keep and one to give to
      someone that they are connected to.

      I would like to invite/encourage others (individuals
      and groups, big and small) that would like to work on
      the project to visit
      or to email me for more information at
      the_violet_butterfly@... and please, if you know
      anyone that might be interested feel free to pass this
      information on. You do not have to be a professional
      artist, anyone can participate.

      Thank you

      Andrea Anderson (D. Violet Butterfly)
      Reply to Andrea Anderson
      (the_violet_butterfly@...) if you are interested
      in this project. This is the only information I have
      about it.


      Judy Decker

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