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Fun Collage Lesson idea - Narrative ART

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  • Judith Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Mike Sacco shared his Vintage Collage art on his site. He has promised to submit his lesson plan to Incredible Art Department Vintage
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2004
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      Dear Art Educators,

      Mike Sacco shared his "Vintage Collage" art on his
      site. He has promised to submit his lesson plan to
      Incredible Art Department

      Vintage Collage

      Credit to the lesson goes to Breanne Soviero and her
      former coop teacher Louise Millman for allowing Mike
      to adapt their collage lesson. The kids loved this
      project. Breanne may be submitting her lesson too.

      Mike actually used old LIFE magazines - bought from
      eBay and some gifted to him from Louise (also a
      collage artist).

      Here is another twist to the lesson...."Desperate"
      Fine ART Collage. Watch "Desperate Housewives" (Sunday
      Night ABC)- videotape their intro to show your
      students - it is all fine art "cut and paste" so to
      speak. You will recognize all of the fine art examples
      they use. Show the clip to your students - then
      introduce just a wee bit about each artist/art work in
      the video clip.

      Here is the project:

      Students would use old Smithsonian magazines - and
      other magazines - cheap books - etc....any images they
      can find of fine art - to make a narrative piece. They
      will make a collage of fine art images - cut and paste
      to make a new story. They will write what the story is
      with this new arrangement of images.

      Also see the work of Barry Kite - all cut and paste
      collage - using fine art and other images.
      Lots of very fun stuff to see on his site.
      BTW - Barry wants kiddies "stealing" his
      ideas....obviously he has "stolen" a lot of ideas
      along the way too. DO create a PowerPoint of your
      favorites with Barry's blessing (I did ask him

      Check out Artist with Abandoned Car for example:

      You could also have the kiddies get some of their
      images online to use for this project.

      I have LOT of stuff to offer anyone who wants to do
      the Fine Art Narrative twist. Reply to me OFF LIST.
      I can not give it all to you for free....postage will
      have to be covered - along with a little extra $.
      Your only other obligation would be to submit one or
      two works of student art using these resources - to
      add to the lesson plan.


      Judy Decker

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