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Re: dried ink pens

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  • riches37215
    thanks for the nib advice! ... Soak the ... trying to clean ... be much ... will work ... Try pure
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 15, 2003
      thanks for the nib advice!

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "bill merrill" <bmerrill@c...>
      > A solution of ammonia and water will probably clean the ink nibs.
      Soak the
      > nibs for an hour to see if the ink has softened. If you are
      trying to clean
      > ink pens that have dried ink in them, the soaking period needs to
      be much
      > longer. If the pens are worth the effort, an ultrasound cleaner
      will work
      > also, but are the pens worth the cost of an ultrasound cleaner?
      Try pure
      > ammonia if the diluted solution doesn't work.
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