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Some answers for you about Spyware Removal Tools

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  • Judith Decker
    Dear Art Educators, This is good to know...for those who surf the web frequently. I posted a question to Ed Tech list asking about the need for all three of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      This is good to know...for those who surf the web

      I posted a question to Ed Tech list asking about the
      need for all three of these free software tools:

      Ad-aware 6.0
      Spybot Search and Destroy

      All come highly recommended...have no imbedded spyware
      withine the software. And none of them block my
      viewing of Linda Woods school art site (a concern we
      had a while back). I use all three in combination and
      got a answer back from a Pro on what she recomments.

      Here is Fran's web site:

      The only thing I do differently than Fran recommends
      is to clear my Internet cache and cookies first.

      Fran gave me permission to share this (Last name left
      off as she doesn't have tha on her site).

      From Fran B:

      If you use them as I show below there should be no
      problems with your system slowing down. Here is how I
      do it:

      1. Go online and update all 3 of these programs so
      that when you start you will have up to date
      definitions. Disconnect from the Internet.

      2. Assuming that we are cleaning a system versus
      protecting a new system, the first one I would run is
      Adaware SE. Click Scan Now and do a full system
      scan this time. After scanning your system - Looking
      at the window that shows there will be several tabs at
      the top of the window. Click on the first tab (Scan
      Summary) and make sure EVERYTHING has a checkmark
      beside it. Now go to the second tab (Critical Objects)
      and make sure everything there
      has a checkmark beside it. Now click next and it will
      ask is it OK to remove ## Objects - Click ok and let
      it remove all.

      3. Now run Spybot Search and Destroy. In the opening
      window, Click on the button - Check for Problems - and
      let it scan your system. After scanning
      make sure everything it find is checked and click on
      Fix Selected Problems. After finishing this step,
      click on the IMMUNIZE button. Immunizing will set
      a killbit in the registry that will prevent specific
      spywares from installing to your computer. Everytime
      you update your definitions for the program, you will
      need to run this again so it can immunize for anything
      new that was added in the updates. Also put a check
      mark beside "Browser Helper to block bad downloads in
      IE". This is another prevention tool.

      4. Last but not least - SpywareBlaster. This is also
      an immunization tool and will immunize for things that
      SpyBot misses. Enable protection for Internet Explorer
      (whether you use it or not) and enable protection for
      restricted sites.To do this, click on the appropriate
      tab and put a check mark in the boxes on that tab,
      then click protect against checked items.If you are
      using Foxfire or Mozilla, you can enable the
      protection for those also.
      SpywareBlaster also has other tools that you can use.
      I would suggest exploring the program and seeing if
      there is anything else you might want to use.

      After doing all of this, your system should be
      reasonably protected. Depending on how much you use
      the Internet, you should update your programs
      about once a week or so and run scans about once a
      week or whenever you suspect a problem.
      This answer was just too good for "my eyes only". Hope
      it helps someone else out there.


      Judy Decker

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