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Art 1 for non-art majors

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  • Judith Decker
    Greetings Grace and All, I agree with you Grace. I invite those considering TAB Choice ( Teaching for Artistic Behavior ) to sign on to TAB Choice list on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
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      Greetings Grace and All,

      I agree with you Grace. I invite those considering TAB
      Choice ("Teaching for Artistic Behavior") to sign on
      to TAB Choice list on Yahoo Groups.
      Lurk for a while then jump right in.

      For TAB Choice List (this should get you there)
      or try joining through Web:

      I get the digest for this list.

      Knowledge Loom site:

      Grace Hall's lesson plan for Independent projects can
      give you some guidelines, too

      An Art 1 class for non-art majors can be more of a
      World cultures/Arts and Crafts - survey course. As I
      posted earlier, Patty Phillips (Getty member) is now
      very successful with her arts and crafts course.
      Non-art majors love it (especially her Hispanic

      I taught middle school. All students had to take just
      one 12 week session during their middle school years.
      I gave them a lot of different experiences - drawing-
      printmaking- painting - ceramics - sculpture.
      Painting usually included some kind of mixed media
      (many choices). 2-D lessons often included some type
      of collage with printmaking, drawing and painting
      (many choices). My own personal strength was in 3-D
      art. My boys did better than the girls when I did
      weaving - it was really interesting.

      I found a lot of male artists/craftsmen to help
      motivate my boys.

      Judy Decker

      P.S. All beware... I have already received my first
      virus email on my NEW Road Runner address. Just delete
      it if you get one. No need to notify me as I know more
      will be coming. My machine is not sending them.

      On 10/1/2004 7:21:14 PM, art_education@yahoogroups.com
      > Michele -
      > I have been re-thinking having everyone learn
      through drawing as a basic.
      > I work with Special Ed High School students and
      there is a lot of resistance, fear and disinterest
      with these acquired skills.( Sort of a
      > concentrated version of what you're experiencing, I
      guess.) I have always offered choices when I met with

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