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Re: [art_education] To all who want NEW Lesson Plans on IAD

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  • artswim@conwaycorp.net
    Dear Judy and all, Last year my students took the stocking sculpture another step foward. After some study about Dale Chihuly, they made stocking sculptures
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2004
      Dear Judy and all,
      Last year my students took the stocking sculpture another step foward. After
      some study about Dale Chihuly, they made stocking sculptures without a base and
      then we spray painted them,(while they were hanging on a clothesline) and added
      various colors of blue and violet spray paint , as well as pearl spray paint,
      some green and fine glitter. Our goal was to make them look glassy! This is a
      picture of the sculpture and a picture of Michael and Matthew standing with the
      sculpture at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Michael and
      Matthew are students at Carl Stuart Middle School in Conway, Arkansas. They
      were part of the seventh grade class that made the sculpture. The sculpture
      was part of the Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition. Becky ThorntonQuoting
      Judith Decker <jdecker4art@...>:

      > Greetings Art Educators,
      > Lesson Plans continue to be the greatest need of those
      > who use Incredible Art Department. If the lesson plan
      > base is going to grow with new and different ideas,
      > they are going to have to come from list members who
      > use the site. That only seems fair.
      > I would like to invite all who use the site to reflect
      > on lessons you have done that have been successful.
      > There is no need to send one plan in now as you are
      > busy with your most important obligation - working for
      > the youth of America. A good time to send in the plan
      > would be over your Christmas break - or during the
      > summer. Of course plans are always welcome at any
      > time. New and different plans will get their own link.
      > Ones that are similar to existing plans will just get
      > shared through file for sharing - or added as an
      > extension to the existing plan. It is never a waste of
      > your time to send in a lesson. If you want to know
      > what kind of things are needed - do feel free to ask
      > me first. Honestly, I have no expectation of everyone
      > sending in a lesson. I would just like to see some
      > "new faces". Only lesson plans with an example will
      > get linked to the site - others will be shared the
      > easy way. The great majority of those who use the
      > plans want to see a student (or your own) example.
      > I will make one announcement over break time
      > requesting your "gifts" for art teachers around the
      > world. For personal reasons, I can no longer "go
      > fishing" for lessons throwing out bait and hoping
      > someone takes a nibble. New people have to contribute
      > because the want to - not out of obligation to me (I
      > have made this my full time job - I am still working 8
      > to 10 hours a day - just focusing more on site
      > up-keep. Quality Art Education is still my Passion).
      > Regards,
      > Judy Decker
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