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Lettering and Name Ideas - Share your successes

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  • Judith Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, Lettering is the number one search topic on IAD this week - followed by Name Lesson ideas. I will be working on these two topics soon.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2004
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      Greetings Art Educators,

      Lettering is the number one search topic on IAD this
      week - followed by Name Lesson ideas. I will be
      working on these two topics soon. I just spent the
      last three months fixing the old - now I am ready to
      add the new. I have already posted many lesson ideas
      for name designs. I now have Kathleen's adaptation of
      the name in the fish design. That idea is on the Fish
      Ideas page. You can tweak it to be any kind of animal
      - maybe even let the kiddies choose their "totem
      animal" (or "spirit animal" that represents them best
      - animal symbolism is on the site). I do like fish.

      Here are some lettering lessons for high school that
      you can step down to middle school and even
      Ken Schwab's Abstract Letter Design
      Ken Schwab's Illuminated Crayon Resist Letters:
      See Kara LiCausi's Illumination lesson for middle
      (scroll down)
      Heather Leal's Illumination for Middle School:
      Jennie Auble' Graffiti Name Design:

      Please post lettering and name ideas that I can put on
      Incredible Art Department. Complete lessons with
      images will be linked - ideas will go on Idea pages.
      Only post if I have your permission to share across
      lists (this is my "permission to publish" notice for
      this topic- I do not have time to ask each person
      individually). I will share all the easy way first -
      compiling then making one post. I have some lessons of
      my own I will try to get written up, too.... Just need
      to see if I can find my samples to photograph (I think
      that may be a folder that I did not get - so you may
      have to use your imagination).

      Name ideas will be added to this page:
      (for now)

      Here is an idea connecting all - names - lettering -
      portrait - character education too (Renah - I hope you
      can try this)

      Take digital photographs of the students - change to
      high contrast so lines are clear. Outline the main
      shapes of portrait. Transfer lines to good drawing
      paper using Seral transfer paper (or graphite on
      back). Use tiny lettering to outline all of the
      contours (Micrography - tie in Jewish culture as
      well). Tiny writing would be the name over and over
      again - positive character traits - and the meaning of
      the name (I have posted several meaning of name
      sites). Lettering would be done in Ultra fine point
      Sharpie or other choice of pen. Erase Seral transfer
      graphite lines when finished. Watercolor finished
      Micrography if desired. I did find a Jewish artist
      site with some fine portrait examples and will link
      that when I add this idea.

      Continue to use the search feature on the Lesson Plan
      launch page when looking for lessons....and let me
      know what you are looking for if you don't find what
      you need (The search on IAD home page does a better
      job - but I don't get those reports)

      Thanks in advance,

      Judy Decker

      Judy Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources

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