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Re: [art_education] Micrography - Word as Art - online exhibit

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  • Renah Bell
    Dear Judy, Today was my first day back in school, for teachers meetings. I finally got the samples I have of my student s micrography work. Now I have to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
      Dear Judy,
      Today was my first day back in school, for teachers' meetings. I finally got
      the samples I have of my student's micrography work. Now I have to figure
      out how to make them small enough to scan or email to you. Any ideas?
      I thought I'd try to photograph it with my digital camera and then send it
      through. I'm waiting for my niece to bring back my camera and then I'll try
      These are not the best samples. The best ones the kids took home. Still,
      it's interesting to see what they can do.
      I'll also be sending you pictures of my Ketubot(Jewish marriage contacts)
      soon. I would create a web site but doubt that I could do a decent job and
      really don't even know how to start.
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      Subject: [art_education] Micrography - Word as Art - online exhibit

      > Greetings Art Edcuators,
      > A while back Renah Bell got me interested in
      > Micrography. I have looked it up online to see what I
      > could find. Here is a nice online exhibit:
      > http://www.jtsa.edu/library/exhib/microg/index.shtml
      > Micrography, the scribal practice of employing
      > minuscule script to create abstract shapes or
      > figurative designs. You can introduce this as a Jewish
      > art - but students do not have to do a religious
      > theme. Making pictures with tiny words can even be an
      > idea you introduce then the students work on it in
      > their free time throughout the term as it looks like
      > it can be very time consuming.
      > What if you tried it with your hands unit? Hands in
      > action then the words telling the story.... Or a unit
      > on animals/fish - with the words being about the
      > animals....
      > Renah has done migrography with her students. They
      > would would write the quotation over and over again in
      > tiny calligraphic letters wherever there was a pencil
      > line...then erase the pencil lines and use watercolors
      > to finish the painting. Renah said many of them were
      > proudly framed and hung by parents.
      > I have seen this type of art many times - I am glad to
      > know it has a special name and a cultural reference as
      > well.
      > Judy Decker
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