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Re: [art_education] Museum is looking for images (washing and hanging clothes)

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  • Holly Kincaid
    What about: Homecoming by Norman Rockwell Me and My Pal - A Lickin Good Bath by Rockwell La Toilette by Mary Cassatt ... (Jeanette - contact Cleveland
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2004
      What about:
      "Homecoming" by Norman Rockwell
      "Me and My Pal - A Lickin' Good Bath" by Rockwell
      "La Toilette" by Mary Cassatt

      >>> jdecker4art@... 08/31/04 03:16PM >>>
      (Jeanette - contact Cleveland Museum of Art for John
      Sloan's "Women's Work")

      Greetings Art Educators,

      Alabama Historic Museum has asked for help...

      From Jeanette:
      Here in Loachapoka, Alabama, we are searching for a
      print to illustrate hanging out clothes. We have a
      historical museum, Lee County, Alabama Historical
      Museum which is Southern 1850- 1950. We have a print
      of a woman ironing - with exhibit of irons, but we
      need a print of a woman hanging out clothes to go with
      our clothes washing exhibit. (A picture is worth a
      thousand words?). I know I've seen such and hope you
      can identify one for us. As long as we're looking how
      about one with washpot, also? (We do have some
      wonderful iron washpots.) Thanks,
      Jeannette Frandsen

      Jeannette Fichter Frandsen
      I gave her Jacob Lawrence's Washtub and Degas' Laundry
      Women (and Degas' Ironing). Can any of you think of
      works I might suggest? I don't know where to tell her
      to look for John Sloan's Hanging Clothes (I showed my
      students that etching in slide)...Well... I just found
      a better one anyways...John Sloan's Women's Work - and
      a source (Cleveland Museum of Art).

      Send me any suggestions you may have.

      Judy Decker

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