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Ann Ayers Lessons plus other tech lessons

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  • Sara
    Ann Ayers you are great!!!!! When I was looking up Ann on the internet I found these great sites. sarawren EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
      Ann Ayers you are great!!!!!

      When I was looking up Ann on the internet I found these great sites.


      :Art and Technology Project
      The students used the computer program, Art Dabbler to create
      Impressionist-like digital art.
      This project is used annually as a part of the students' art history grade
      and as a way to introduce them
      to an alternate media in the art program. After working with the students to
      show them how to
      use the tool, I administered a survey to the students to determine their
      understanding of
      the use of technology in their art program as well as their satisfaction
      with the new media.
      The project will be expanded to include an additional digital art piece
      which may then be used in note cards or other project without copyright
      Steps in the Project
      1. Introduction to Impressionism by the art teacher
      2. Find Impressionist art online (art teacher and instructional technology
      3. Select an artist and painting to study (art teacher)
      4. Teach the use of the tools in Art Dabbler 2 (instructional technology
      5. Students replicate the painting selected over several class periods (art
      teacher and instructional technology specialist)
      6. Save and print the Impressionistic study (instructional technology
      7. Note cards were printed for Mother's Day presents in year 2.
      Finding Impressionism online
      Learning Art Dabbler
      Student Art Studies (Year 1)
      Student Art Studies (Year 2)
      Student Survey
      Student Comments and Difficulties

      Pop Portraits
      Students in Florida NBCT Ann Ayer's beginning-level high school art class
      discover the power of Pop Art portraits using digital cameras and iPhoto.
      Watch their self-confidence and technical skills grow as they experience an
      alternative to the traditional self-portrait and emulate the style of Andy
      Warhol - their enthusiasm is contagious.

      Welcome to Art-Tech, the Art Teacher's Digital Toolbox!
      Here, you'll find a wealth of information, tools, and ways to bring
      technology into your classroom. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or an
      expert user of technology, you'll probably find something here that you can
      use or learn from!

      . In the Tools Section, you'll find many nifty things that will help you
      plan your lessons, make your teaching life easier and add a little magic to
      your classroom!
      . Tutorials will help guide you and/or your students in the creation of art!
      Videos, handouts, etc.

      . For kids is exactly that - FOR KIDS! Games, Puzzles, things that help kids
      learn about art and making art.

      . Museums online - Places to find art on the web without actually visiting
      the museum!

      . If you're looking for professional organizations or resources for art
      teachers, the Professional link will provide you with some of the best on
      the web!

      Ann Ayers
      Art Teacher
      Monarch High School
      5050 Wiles Rd
      Coconut Creek, FL 33073-4216 USA
      Email: art304@...

      Ann's school site

      From Digital Edge Learning Interchange

      Ann Ayers
      No More Refrigerator Art! The Digitized Art Exhibit!

      Integrating the visual arts with technology, Massachusetts NBCT Barbara
      Marder helps fourth grade art students explore color theory. They look at
      Impressionist landscapes, use a color theory Web site, and apply their
      knowledge to their own creative artwork.

      Barbara Marder

      Stop on Red, Yellow and Blue: Color in Art
      The following unit demonstrates integrating art and technology into an
      extended unit on color theory with fourth grade students. I began designing
      this unit by creating a thinking map using Inspiration T software and placed
      this on my iBookT desktop for frequent use. Using this technology gave me a
      clear way to identify my objectives and resources for the lesson.

      Anthony Cody
      California NBCT Anthony Cody challenged his all-girl technology class to
      create photoessays using digital cameras and a variety of publishing
      applications. This exhibit shows the power of technology in an urban school.


      Know the Artist
      Akinyi Edmonds
      NBCT Akinyi Edmonds, North Carolina middle school business education
      teacher, helps introduce her students to the uses and creativity of
      technology by demonstrating student use of desktop publishing software and
      use of the Internet to publish posters about important artists.

      Quilting and Geometry-Patterns for Living


      Jean Kriwox
      In this exhibit, Idaho NBCT Jean Kriwox uses multiple forms of technology to
      introduce her sixth grade students to symmetry and tessellations through the
      use of quilt patterns. Her students explore the relationship between
      geometry and quilting to develop higher-order thinking skills. Using Web
      Quests, software, and multiple community resources, the students design and
      create unique quilt blocks.


      The Magic of Animation
      Ann Ayers
      NBCT Ann Ayers teaches Florida high school art students as they create
      animated films using the iLife applications. Follow the process of
      animating - the planning, drawing, filming, and editing. Watch as inanimate
      objects come to life in object animation, clay animation, and cutout


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