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How are you creating BUYERS of art?

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  • Judy Decker
    Greetings Art Educators, Kathleen (on Art Education list) brought up the question of how long do your lessons take? ..... This idea for a discussion popped
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      Greetings Art Educators,

      Kathleen (on Art Education list) brought up the question of "how long do
      your lessons take?".....

      This idea for a discussion popped into my head. We all know that making good
      art takes time...there is research time - think time - planning time - then
      all the art making time - then the presentation/matting/framing/mounting
      time.... What are you doing to get students to value the time it takes to
      make art? We all learned a lot about that when we went to college...but what
      percentage of students go to college and major in art?

      When I was in college, a grad student wanted to purchase a fibers mask I
      made... It wasn't for sale, but I was curious. I asked my prof what she
      thought I should sell it for....Her reply to me was "double the cost of
      materials".... Well...That certainly put a damper on my desire to ever try
      to sell art....The mask is up in my attic now (and quite dusty) so maybe I
      should have sold it? (I did have it displayed in my living room for a number
      of years, though - way back in the 70s). I did sell a number of sculptures
      while in college (I got way more than double my materials - but certainly
      not a lot for my time).

      What are some of your clever ways to get students to value the artist's
      time? How are you creating buyers of art? In my World of Art class at
      Bluffton College (for Masters in Education program), the prof asked if any
      of us had original art in our homes...Very few raised their hands. Of
      course - the three art teachers did. I was the only one who had fine art
      original prints, though. He gave all of us our choice of his linoleum
      prints! So hopefully everyone in the class now has a fine art original print
      hanging in their home.

      My girlfriend moans that kids working at MacDonald's make more money than
      she does... Her watercolors are gorgeous - beautifully matted and
      framed...She has tried to price them with a reasonable value for her time
      but the work is not selling.

      Yes - I would like to put these ideas on a page on IAD...so if you post and
      I can not use your words of wisdom please indicate that. I will share my
      ideas, too. All kids can become ART BUYERS ....not all need to become art
      How much did it cost you per hour the last time you called a plumber? What
      about your car mechanic?
      Many have said I should make my little dollies for sale. Forget it! There
      isn't anyone who is willing to pay for my time around here. How much would
      you pay for one? $15.00? $20.00? $25.00 tops? I will keep them myself.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department (IAD)
      Incredible Art Resources
    • h2omellen@aol.com
      Wow that is a good question. Yes, I have lots of original art work hanging up in my house. My own, a friend s painting, and my grandkids art work. A jewelry
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        Wow that is a good question. Yes, I have lots of original art work hanging
        up in my house. My own, a friend's painting, and my grandkids' art work.
        A jewelry professor I studied under said you should price your work by the
        time you spend in hours creating the art work multiplied by the your hourly wage
        (dollar amount you would like to receive) plus the cost materials.
        I feel that I must put a value in dollars on myself for doing what I like to
        do best and then hope that I can make a living and others want to buy it.
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