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More Contemporary Artists to Inspire lessons (USA)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Here is another list of artists I saw at Ann Arbor....This will be my last bunch to share. More can be found on the Ann Arbor Art Fair
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004
      Dear Art Educators,

      Here is another list of artists I saw at Ann Arbor....This will be my last
      bunch to share. More can be found on the Ann Arbor Art Fair sites that I


      Jill Kline - Surreal Drawings (and some paintings)
      See 02-03 drawings - one Surreal painting would be good for your perspective
      forms in space lesson.

      Suzy Scarborough - Renaissance influence - math connections:
      Paintings -mixed media collage:
      Vermeer fans will like her home page image. She begins by creating an
      overall grid-work of symbols, diagrams, text (from Renaissance images) -
      overlays with number cut-outs. Painting is transparent over the numbers and
      images. These are very rich to see up close.

      Ann Harper - not so pretty portraits of children (and more) - moody -
      Sure to start a good discussion with students. Some of Steve Shanks work is
      similar to Ann Harper's

      C.L. Cunningham http://www.clcunningham.com
      Mixed media drawings/painting with a soft look. Subtle value/color
      blending - soft shading. Media is layered. Graphite - watercolor - pastels
      and more.

      Lissa Herschleb - surreal/tribal influence portraits - fanciful
      plants/animals/insects - watercolor with ink?
      http://www.lissaherschleb.com Right now all she has on her site are
      reproductions...but good inspirations for kids
      (She would be good for that Haring portrait lesson that I posted).

      METALS (but ceramics too)

      Jon Michael Route - metal smith:
      Ceramics teachers will want to check out his gallery - "dancing" coffee pots
      and tea pots - fun! (images scroll across)


      Thomas Wargin - Sculptor - Organic - Surreal cast forms
      http://www.wargin.com/index.php Man/nature - Man/Machine

      Amanda Miller Ceramic Sculpture
      I selected her because of her Ceramic heads - they have an "African"
      (Nigerian - realistic ceramic heads) look to them.

      Cathy Broski - organic body forms (abstract) - Ceramic vessels and
      I did a coil vessel unit with my advanced students that had to be inspired
      by the human figure - here is an artist for that lesson.... I may write it
      up sometime.

      Michael Gard - Woven wire figures:
      http://www.michaelgard.com/ the wire is knotted over a wax figure - once
      the figure is done - the wax is melted away.... These may inspire a wire
      figure lesson for your students. Thee are other sculpture on his site, too
      (one wire hand with world globe).

      John Pritchard - Acrylic Sculptures - and jewelry....Acrylic vessels:
      I am not sure what kind of lesson you could do with kids - My husband really
      like this guy's work. The jewelry is new to me - he didn't have that at Ann
      Arbor. Jewelry could inspire a mat board scrap lesson - with that resin
      poured over - or maybe Friendly plastic.


      Sharon Strasburg - non-objective monotypes - very painterly

      Mary Mark - Hand painted linoleum - with painted frames - embossed borders:
      http://www.marymark.com (I think I have her linked already on my
      printmaking page).
      Try printing with black oil base - then painting prints with watercolors.


      Robert Fuller - Focus down photographs - from scrap metals - beautiful
      non-objective compositions
      http://Amitmay.com/fuller.htm Old, discarded, industrial waste, scrap yards
      and other forgotten locals. That is where Fuller often gets his best ideas.

      3-D DESIGN

      Mark Orr - Scavenger Furniture... My husband and I really like his work -
      from found pieces - shutters - boxes - and more... Hit the garage sales and
      see what you can find to recycle into ART!

      Tropical Heatwave - Libby Hodges
      Fun - whimsical clocks - Might inspire a high school 3-D design project.
      Functional Sculpture (my hubby really liked her work).

      If any of these artist spark a lesson - I would like to know...send me one
      example of student work (if possible).
      I have business cards for these artists - many with images of their work. If
      anyone wants the cards let me know. I will put them in an envelope and mail
      to you.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department (IAD)
      Incredible Art Resources
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