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Some updates on my site: ceramics and color symbolism

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I thought I would post the highlights of some of my recent updates (before there were to many for me to remember). I hope you don t mind
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2003
      Dear Art Educators,

      I thought I would post the highlights of some of my recent updates (before
      there were to many for me to remember). I hope you don't mind these little
      reports as I never know who is looking for what (and I don't know who is
      trying to keep their own resources updated of those who bought my CD).

      Color symbolism:
      (as far as I know there are no witchcraft references. It was real easy to
      find witchcraft symbolism on the web - but not so easy to find cultural).
      This page is linked from Art Ed:

      Ceramics sites:
      Korean Pottery -Find out about the different styles of Korean pottery.
      Click on images within the text to see more from that particular period. Be
      sure to click on the galleries to see more examples. See representative
      artists of Korean pottery. More images of Celadon Jars

      Toka Oriental Ceramic Tile Beautiful patterns of
      Puncheong Stoneware-- made by Inlaying, Printing, and bakji ways and
      expresses Korean humor, realistic acting, and popularity. You do not need to
      install the language characters to view this site. Try the simulation to
      create your own patterns.

      Cloth and Clay: Communicating Culture This is an excellent site from the
      Textile Museum of Canada and Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. Let the
      Objects Speak gives you detailed information about selected works in the
      exhibit. Learn who made the piece, why and what they mean. Explore the
      region. Learn how the art is made. Resources for teachers - see more from
      the collection - high quality images. Interdisciplinary activities. (Thanks
      to Christine. This is also linked from my Pre-Columbian page. This site will
      also be a "Site of the Week next month on IAD)

      Ceramics History -Tutorial Illustrates the history of ceramics from
      pre-historic thru modern times. Presents Greek and Roman, Chinese,
      Pre-Columbian and more. A valuable resource. (Thanks to Kerry)

      These are all linked from:

      Folks, I know you do not have time to explore these sites now....I know you
      are all very busy. I just wanted to let you know the resources are available
      for you to use with your students.

      I have made many other updates (adding sites here and there). If anyone out
      there who has my CD wants them all, the easiest thing would be for you to
      return the CD and I will burn the whole "new web" for you. I still have a
      lot of pages left to do so maybe wait about a month (Sara, if you are
      reading, I will get yours to you this week).


      Judy Decker

      P.S. Thank you all for ignoring all of my typos in my previous posts....my
      office is very cold right now and the old fingers just don't move right. You
      are all so kind.
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