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Russian Architecture Elementary Ideas (Patti)

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  • Judy Decker
    Hi Patti, I think it would be a grand idea to do something 3-D with the older kids. Can t remember now if I posted Christine Sumner Lyman s Basilica s to this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2004
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      Hi Patti,

      I think it would be a grand idea to do something 3-D with the older kids.
      Can't remember now if I posted Christine Sumner Lyman's Basilica's to this
      group - I know I did to Getty list.
      If you can't do clay - what if you did some kind of paper mache sculpture?
      Worked in groups? Pringles cans would be the start for some towers. Maybe
      some plastic Easter eggs (Leggs eggs) could start the domes?
      If I were you, I would buy that set of Russian building blocks - even if I
      had to use my own money.
      You will be investing a lot of time in these lessons - so I know you will
      try them again sometime.
      Each year - you can do a different architecture focus and get a different
      If I were doing Russian architecture now - I know I would show some other
      styles of architecture. Maybe show some Indian (India) and some Islamic
      mosques....The sacred places/sacred spaces. Have packets of photocopies at
      the tables for idea papers....Maybe even these kiddies can find some way to
      merge these together into designs - Tolerance and understanding in your
      classroom. World religion is part of sixth grade curriculum so that will be
      your main focus group for the other religions -- still keeping Russian
      architecture as main.

      Look at the ideas I sent - and I can help you decide what grade levels would
      be best. I can explain what I mean in more detail if needed....Just will
      need to know what ones interest you. I thought of cardboard relief too
      sculpture - Maybe cover with heavy duty foil and antique with ink. Foil
      tooling would be nice. Make some black "lacquer" frames (designs on black
      cardboard mats with paint markers -then high gloss acrylic varnish).

      Tracy Albert's oil pastel engraving lesson would work (or you could use
      crayons). You must color very heavy with the oil pastels or crayons. My
      sixth graders liked using the glitter and gem crayons for this. Draw the
      architecture with permanent black marker - color heavy in bold colors -
      brush black tempera or India ink over (mixed with a bit of dish liquid and
      water to thin slightly) - when ink dries you can see the colors under it -
      scratch off ink in various directions to enhance the shape of the
      architecture - create patterns as you scratch -follow contours. Colors show
      up but not as intense as original coloring and leaves a bit of black for
      contrast. One of Tracy's student won a Sakura award with this project (she
      did jungles). Tracy's was with fifth grade - her link is on my site (Art
      Teacher Web Pages)
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